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    I was thinking, just now, how I purchased my 650 (I never owned a 700P) with the intention of keeping it about as long as I keep a laptop - about 2 years or more. I kept it for 2 and a half years before upgrading to the 755P.

    I don't buy a laptop expecting the next model, from the next year, to be made for ME. Similarly, I don't understand why anyone would expect the next year's Treo to automatically be for THEM.

    Laptops and Treo's can be pretty comparable in price (and in function). Looking at it from this perspective, I don't see how Palm slapped any 700P owners in the face by releasing the 755P. If anything, I guess I could understand being displeased about a lack of updates for the 700P (which I hear are pretty late), but that's distinct from expecting to pay hundreds of dollars for a new Treo every year.

    Do most folks around here have that much disposable income or that much of a need to have the latest and greatest?
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    Quote Originally Posted by west3man View Post
    Do most folks around here have that much disposable income or that much of a need to have the latest and greatest?
    That is the reason why some people don't upgrade. If you wait 2 to 3 years to upgrade to a new Treo, the value of your Treo is going to go down the drain. However, if you sell your 1 year old or less Treo on eBay or Craigslist and use the money towards your Treo upgrade there are chances you might be making some extra cash at times. I upgraded from a 650 to a 700p by selling my Treo on eBay and made some money even after paying for the 700p. This time around was different. My 700p had issues that I just could not tolerate so I was able to exchange my old Treo for a 755p. So, my advise would be to read posts regarding upgrading Treos and you will find lots of ways to upgrade your old Treo without having to sell a kidney.

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    depending on the MR I honestly dont see getting rid of my 700 for a VERY long time.

    of course it also depends on what improvments they make with the linux version and if that OS is truely backwards compatible.

    but itll be a very long time I think.
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    I expect to own my expensive electronics devices for a minimum of approximately two years. My old Motion Computing tablet served well for just over two before I replaced it with a MacBook Pro, and my Treo 650 is approaching two years - my Tungsten T3 served for just over two years as well (and the m100 before that for two years). That's for the portable stuff. Other things, like TVs and stereos last a whole heck of a lot longer, usually until I fry them (my last stereo lasted for almost seven years and through five residence moves).

    From what I can tell, there are three groups who Palm is targeting with the 755p.
    1. Treo addicts - those who buy every new Treo and have the disposable income to spend $500 on a new phone every nine months.
    2. New users - people for a long time have been turned off my the bulk and aesthetics of Treos. The 755p isn't really that much smaller, but it looks and feels that way. And even though the guts are that of a phone from last year, it has a much more attractive price tag.
    3. Treo 650 owners - a lot of us are at or approaching the two year mark with Sprint. And Palm knows that a lot of us skipped on the 700p because we just didn't see much in it for use. Now we have $150 from Sprint waiting for us to buy a new phone, and Palm wants to give us something to drool over. The 755p is the answer, and judging from the interest that it seems to be generating, I think they may have found a winner.

    That said, I'm going to patiently wait to here what Jeff Hawkins has to say at the D5 conference later this month. If I'm intrigued by whatever he reveals (he did promise that it would get us excited), I might hold off until mystery product surfaces. Or I might get the 755p and give mystery product time to mature to a second generation device (which is what the 755p is to the 700p in reality). Either way, I don't get my two-year rebate from Sprint until after he makes his presentation anyway.
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