I had my trusty, but beat up, Sprint 650 replaced on Friday with a refurb 650 via insurance and everything went so well I treated myself on Saturday with my first bluetooth device, a new Motorola S9 and SAG. While I was charging my headset, I left my house and enjoyed a normal day, I thought, with my dog and my Treo. But when I got back home to sit down and set everything up, I found that whenever the Treo was reset with the bluetooth turned on, the Treo failed to recognize that my SD card has been inserted. At first I thought that the card was corrupted somehow, but now, after seeing that it was OK, and going thru a hard reset and a clean install and loading applications one by one, and checking to see that everything was OK every step of the way (that resets with bluetooth on or off didn't impact the Treo recognizing the card) I am back to square one with the Treo not recognizing the SD card if it resets with the Bluetooth turned "ON".

The only thing that seems to have happened is that I was using TreoAlarm to check the weather, and it just wasn't working right in taking my ZIP code, and I got an obscure "subscript out of bounds" message that wouldn't go away and froze the Treo. (This had happened earlier in the day when I was out with the dog too) I had to reset it to make it go away and when it came back up, sure enough the card could not be detected. Up untill that point it was working perfectly.

So while I have ditched TreoAlarm since it didn't want to seem to work anyway, I haven't yet begun another round of Hard reset and clean install since I am taking a break and it is not worth the time spent on a weekend afternoon, since all I have to do to get everything working fine is reset the Treo with the Bluetooth turned off, then after it comes back, just turn the Bluetooth on again. I can repeat this problem and the solution over and over.

But, I can't for the life of me understand why the Bluetooth on/off status has this effect on the recognition of the SD card. I have no idea if my old Treo had this problem since I never turned on the Bluetooth.

I'll do the hard reset and clean install again a few days (without TreoAlarm) but wanted to give all of you experts a chance to comment first. Has anyone else experienced this weird behavior?