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    So I woke up this morning, turned on my Treo and saw my list of today's alert popups. I reflexively pressed "Dismiss All" after browsing them, but only then noticed an "Update My Treo" reminder. The reminder then went away, and I immediately pressed my calendar button to see my today screen. Then, I saw briefly flash a screen that said "Update My Treo", which then immediately went away and my Today screen popped up.

    I can't find any evidence of this, nor any other way to find any sort of updater. Am I just anticipating the maintenance release so much that I'm now hallucinating, or was this popup something else?
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    It would've been something else. When the MR comes out, you will need to download it to your PC (probably from Palm) and install via HotSync. You won't be able to do the MR over-the-air.
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    i get those from time to time. Nothing major.
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    This is for the 'My Palm' application that you have downloaded. The MR, as previously stated, will probably NOT be an OTA download.
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    Well that's good to hear. I'm just glad that it wasn't a maintenance release anticipation related hallucination. I was seriously starting to question my own sanity.
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    There is a Security Patch available, and the long-anticipated MR should be here next week!

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