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    I've been using my Treo 650 with Microsoft PCs for some time and will soon take delivery of a new MacBook laptop. When that happens, I plan to:

    1 - Do a final sync of the Treo on my Microsoft laptop...

    2 - Download the latest Mac software for the Palm desktop onto the MacBook.

    Once that is done, will I be OK just syncing the Treo with the new Mac desktop or will there be a glitch?
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    My experience with a Mac mini posted above.

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    I spent the better part of a day doing this... unnecessarily so. Here's what ended up working:

    1. I was a big Outlook user, so I read that Microsoft Entourage 2004 is the equivalent on the Mac. Buying and installing Office for Mac was no problem. Getting the data from Outlook to Entourage was another adventure. I tried using Outlook2Mac, but it didn't copy all of my messages over. I ended up using Netscape 7.2 browser's e-mail feature to put the mail into an intermediate format, then import that data into Entourage. Google some of these terms and you'll find pages to help you out.

    2. I had a devil of a time getting my Treo 700p to sync after installing the Palm software. It most likely was a bad cable connection problem (Treos are notorious for this). I used an eraser to clean all the contacts on the cable and Treo.

    3. Because I couldn't synch, I thought it might have been a PC/Mac thing. I ended up doing a hard reset on the Treo, which might have been totally unnecessary, but in the long run certainly cleans things up. Of course, do a sync on the PC to ensure all the latest data is there and doesn't get lost after resetting.

    4. I next installed the Palm software that came on the CD with the Treo 700p (from Sprint). I found and ran an update located on the Palm website. There are several Mac oriented patches in the newer version, so this update is highly recommended.

    5. After wasting a bunch of time talking to Apple about iSync, and Sprint about the Palm OS (with no resolution), I ended up buying Missing Sync for Palm OS. This gets installed after the Palm software. It deactivates Hotsync and uses its own tools to manage the syncronization. It costs $40, but that's so much better than failing to figure out what might work between Palm, Entourage, iSync, and other settings.

    6. Entourage comes with an add-in conduit called Handheld Sync Installer. This was run after the Missing Sync was installed. This ensures the addresses, calendars, etc. in Entourage get into the clean Palm. Ensure you follow the instructions about using the Installer on a "newer" handheld.

    7. After all this, my syncs worked beautifully, and all my Entourage data appears on the Treo. I then reinstalled my other apps (double-clicking a .prc file places that app in the Install part of Missing Sync), updating a few along the way. Very useful apps include Agendus Premium 11.1, Backup Buddy Pro 4.1, and Passwords Plus.

    8. Re. Passwords Plus, I was able to easily export the data file on my PC, then import that same .csv file into the app on the Mac. This is one of the apps I bought a new version for.

    9. I've run into a problem doing the same with Wine Enthusiast. The data exports, but the newer version of the software doesn't have an import feature. I'm looking for a fix to that.

    10. Don't forget to apply the Daylight Savings Time patch (found on the Palm website) to the Treo.

    Sorry for the long post. I hope this helps.
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