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    As I weigh the pros and cons of purchasing the 755P for my situation, some questions have popped up. I live in a rural area that barely has coverage by Sprint or any other large wireless carrier. I've heard for years now that they are going to increase the number of towers, but I've seen very little change. We don't have EVDO in our area. EVDO is not even in the larger cities surrounding us. So my questions are:

    Do you think Sprint will ever upgrade to EVDO in areas like ours?

    Do you think they may just skip EVDO in rural areas and go straight to Wi-Max in the very distant future?

    If they do put EVDO in this area would it likely be Rev. A? I don't understand how it all works. I don't know if it requires special phone or network equipment or both?). All I know is that it would be great to not miss calls while I'm streaming radio or using the data connection.
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    What area are you talking about?
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    Oregon Coast
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    if the did ever add reva to your area you would need a phone that supports it. I know the ppc-6800 is supposed to either come out with reva or be upgradeable. I don't know if the 755p has reva.
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    I hope so, I got a flyer saying my town will be powering up in the next 120 days with new towers being built. I hope that means Power vision...aka, EVDO...aka me streaming like crazy.

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