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    Quote Originally Posted by Captain Hair View Post
    Will the MR make the 700p thinner? Will it take away the antenna or repaint it with that wonderful soft-touch paint they're using? How about improving reception or bluetooth quality? Just because the specs are the same doesn't mean that all the hardware inside is the same stuff.
    Wow... where to start?
    1. It's not thinner. Look at the website.
    Treo 700p = 0.9 in depth
    Treo 755p = 0.84 in depth
    Difference between the two: 0.06 in!!! That's a 6.7% reduction in depth. I find it hard to believe anyone could tell the difference.

    2. Take away the antenna... Anyone familiar with reception of radio waves could provide you a brief explanation of the benefits of an external antenna but I'll leave that up to Google to explain that to you. People didn't like it.... so it was removed without regard to actual engineering principles. I personally liked using the antenna to remove my phone from the case but that is a personal preference. If you carry your phone in a pocket, I could see the desire to remove it.

    3. Soft touch paint... I'll concede this one. I do like the new paint job. I played with a 755p for about 15 minutes in the Sprint store. Very nice job Palm.

    4. Improved bluetooth & Reception quality.... Yet to be determined but if I were a betting man, I would say it's fixed on the 700p.

    What everyone seems to be ignoring is the fact that EVERYTHING between the two phones with respect to hardware are the EXACT SAME COMPONENTS!! Listen to the podcast, read the specs, and try to understand. Palm had excess parts inventory and wanted to get rid of it. Were not talking ANY updated hardware. They used existing parts and a software refresh to make the 755p. The new case & the MR are the only updates. There is NO NEW HARDWARE!!!!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Treolo View Post
    Upgrading from a mini van to a sedan that has the same internal hardware specs might not be a big deal for some, but a great deal for others who are looking for a newer and modern look. Also, I've know people including myself that have actually made some money after upgrading to a new Treo. The key word is eBay or Craigslist. You don't need to keep your old Treo and spend more money again. All you have to do is sell your old one and use that money to cover all your upgrade price. I would never go to a Palm store and pay full price for a Treo and just save my old Treo in my desk drawer. I would have to be either rich or irresponsible. As I stated before on a different thread, "read, read and read....." and you will learn how we do it.

    Now, regarding the been impatient about the ROM update for the Treo 700p. I believe Palm has already stated that they don't guarantee the lag as been fixed completely and also they have stated that the lag is due to the fact that they used the same exact hardware for the 700w. So even though the 700p and the 755p have the same specs I doubt it is the same hardware.

    Your profile lists you as an IT developer. You really mean to tell me that you don't understand the hardware aspects of the two devices? Palm has already stated their goals of developing the hardware first and then designing the operating systems after. How much would you like to bet we see a refresh of the 700w with the new case?

    Based on the comments about the LACK of lag from the 755p, I expect it to be fixed on the 700p. Now that does not address poor memory management by third party developers. For palm to fix that, well... they'd be another Apple. Instead of 30,000 palm apps, we'd have 30. But man would they be fast....
    "Only the dead have seen the end of war" - Plato
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    Quote Originally Posted by akula34 View Post
    How much would you like to bet we see a refresh of the 700w with the new case?
    ??? Are you for real man?? I thought you read the message boards and listen to the podcasts?? That refresh Treo of the 700w with the new case has been out for months it is called the Treo 750

    You seriously believe Palm is going to release a ROM update that is going to make 700p users skip the 755p because it performs the same after the update? Hey, Palm is not that nice or stupid.

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    I personally still hate the 755p, but perhaps not as much as I did when it was first announced. I'm not vehemently opposed to miniSD. It looks like it's the way of the future and unless I want to be using my 700p for another 5 years, I better get on board.

    Regardless, I will wait until Jeff Hawkins spills the beans on Palm's future in TWO weeks before I even consider purchasing a 755p. I will NOT buy two new Treos in one year, and I hope the new device coming this fall will make the 6/700-series look like the 300 series by comparison.
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    Akula, deep breaths man. It's a phone. Nobody is forcing you to spend money on it, so yelling at people that like it isn't going to help. And look around at the other posts in this forum, plenty of people are reporting better reception.
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