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    I just made a new discovery today. The standard built-in PTunes on the 755p plays music perfectly with no pauses or! Finally! What a relief after all the many hundreds of posts complaining about this issue from the 700p and PTunes combination. I know I had personally spent hours and hours trying to resolve this issue to no avail.

    Unfortunately, I have now noticed that AeroPlayer does not play perfectly on my 755p. Every so often, there is a skip/pause for each song played through AeroPlayer, unlike with PTunes. I had been using AeroPlayer for many months because it actually played a little bit better than PTunes when using my old 700p. But now, it appears the tables have turned.

    I miss having the graphic equalizer function that doesn't come with the standard PTunes on the 755p. I had already once paid for a PTunes upgrade with my old 700p. Now I'm wondering if I should upgrade yet again. Anyone already done so? I hate having to constantly upgrade apps whenever a new Treo comes out! Anyone know if I will get a discount on a PTunes upgrade?
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    I believe if you use the same code on the 755p pTunes, it should work.

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