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  1. Nuffsed
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    I was entering text in the Memo app when the device seemed to freeze ignoring any further keystrokes.

    Screen input remains operational, as does hotsync, just no keyboard input.

    No response to soft, then hard resets.

    Any ideas?
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    Even the hard reset didn't fix it? Gosh! Seems to indicate a hardware failure. Time for a replacement.
  3. Nuffsed
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    Just got through to Palm support UK and was about to initiate the repair/ replacement process when I noticed that the 'Y' key was depressed (stuck down, not moody).

    I released it & suddenly the whole keyboard was sailing smoothly again!!!

    I thanked the support aegnt - said he must have some serious tech support voodoo!

    I've reinstalled my data and can resume my place in the 680 nexus!

    We have nothing to fear but fear itself. And stuck 680 keys
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    "the 'Y' key was depressed (stuck down, not moody)."

    Maybe the key was depressed because the 'T' button was stuck up.


    I just had to. XD
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