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    Just picked up the 755p today, upgrading from my 650.

    I'm very disappointed to find that when I installed Sprint Business Connect, I got a message saying this was not a supported device, so some features won't work. As I started to mess around with it, important features such as the touchscreen don't work... thus, making it impossible to get the "send" button to highlight to send an email. So, apparently, I'm going to be able to read emails and calendar entries from my Outlook at work, but not actually create anything new.

    For those of you unfamiliar with Biz Connect, here's the beauty of it: You don't need your company's IT department to do anything on the server... it's a standalone program you put on whatever desktop you want to hook up with, and then as long as you leave your desktop on when you leave work, you'll receive work emails and can see your outlook calendar entries from your treo. I work in a school system where the IT department refuses to invest the time to install anything like "Good," so that's not an option.

    Here's what I'm asking the collective wisdom of you fine folks - now that you see what I need to do... I need a program that I can install on my work computer to relay my Outlook emails/calendar entries... do you know of any program out there that does this?

    (by the way, it sure would have been helpful if the salesperson at the Sprint store knew about this... I pay $10 a month or so for Biz. Connect)

    Thanks for your help, amigos.
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    Has Anyone Contacted Sprint About No 755p Support?

    Is there a target date for release of 755p version?
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