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    it seems as if biz connect is no longer supported on the 755p.i need some suggestions for my friend who is a longtime biz connect seems that his company will not give him the settings needed to set up any of the usual email programs that we all use.he has been using biz connect by leaving it and his outllook running all the time on his work pc and "pushing" the email to his treo.using this method he has not needed to ask his IT people for the settings that they won't give anyway.well,on the 755p there is no "get biz connect" icon and although he was able to transfer the program from his old 700p,the functionality is seriously crippled and although it "works",it is cumbersome and far from ideal for his needs.Is anyone else in a similiar situation?...anyone have options? suggestions? workarounds?...thanx for any help you guys can give!
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    Hey man - I'm trying to figure out the same thing... I posted a thread a few minutes ago asking if anyone knew of a program that will do the same thing as what it does. Biz Connect is so important to what I do, I might not have switched from the 650 if I realized it wasn't supported on the 755.

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