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    Hello i bought a Cingular Treo 650 from ebay i got it unlocked to run it on Rogers my question is there anyway to put the french language in the rom ?
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    or can someone supply me a custom rom file with french language in it ?
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    hum 32 view ans no one got the answer to my question ?
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    well i have tried changing from 1.17-CNG to 1.20-ENA i have edited the token with romtool to 1.13-ROW but palm updater always fail but upgrading from 1.17-CNG to 1b.17-CNG is working A1 from palm updater anyone got a sugestion for me too help ?
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    can anyone post me a 1.20 ENA full so i can do the update via roomtool ? with all language in it please !

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