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    Oh, my gosh what a nightmare I have gone through the past few days.

    Ordered my 755 burgandy on Monday and it arrived on Tuesday. Love the look, feel and everything else about it initially. Never could dial in #777 with DUN, like I could with the 650, even after trying all the hacks, etc. on this board.

    Finally broke down and signed up with the PAM plan on Wednesday, even though I rarely use the phone as modem. I just do need it on occasion, so I figured I would try it for a couple of months. I was finally able to dial in once that was set up.

    But, in the process found that I couldn't keep a bluetooth connection to my laptop when doing this. So then I started testing the bluetooth with various headsets and found they would drop connection to, even if I moved just a couple of inches away from the phone. Bummer.

    Called Treo tech support and Sprint and worked with a great guy for over an hour. We did various things starting with soft resets, removing 3rd party apps, etc. Finally we had to do a hard reset and wipe the Treo out and start over. The connection seemed marginally better and held for 10 minutes straight, so after working with tech support for over an hour, he told me to work with it for a few days and document issues w/ bluetooth so that if it kept happening I could exchange it out for a new one. Sounded fair enough.

    But, Thursday and Friday the bluetooth problems persisted, so finally I decided to call tech support back and pick up where we left off, as advised. I was hoping they would go ahead and process the exchange and send me a new one.

    After 30 minutes on hold I finally got a tech support person. Just as he was starting to take my number, my phone's connection dropped. Dang. That really ticked me off.

    Called back and waited 20 minutes on hold again, to get another tech support person, and same thing happened. Phone call dropped.

    I was pretty ticked at this point, so I gave up.

    Called back a couple of hours later. Waited 35 minutes on hold (I know, I am a glutten for punishment). Got a tech support person who was absolutely no help at all and told me I needed to take the phone to a Sprint repair center. I told her that the nearest Sprint store with repair is over an hour from me, plus it's packed to the brim whenever I go in there, usually with at least a two hour wait, that's one of the reasons why I ordered my phone originally direct from Sprint via phone. She said there was nothing she could do. I also mentioned to her that not all stores had the burgundy model and I specifically wanted that one. I wasn't going to wait hours to find out they didn't have it. She said they could remove the face plate from mine and put it on the other model. Okay, at this point I'm getting a bit ticked off. I didn't just order a brand new phone (that has a 30 day exchange available, according to Sprint), to have them rip it apart and jimmy-rig a new one for me. No way. Finally she transferred me to someone else and this is where it gets really good...

    This new girl proceeds to tell me that since I have equipment protection on the phone she needs to put me over to insurance so they can send me a replacement. I explain to her that no, this isn't a warranty issue, I have only had the phone for three days!!! There is something wrong with it out of the box. She argues (and I do mean argues) that insurance is the only way I can handle it...oh, she also says, by they way I will have to pay a $50 deductible for a replacement. Well, that's when I hit the roof. I told her I just bought the phone three freakin days ago, it is well under the 30 day exchange policy and I want a NEW working phone, not a refurbished one that I have to pay $50 more dollars for. Plus I explain to her that these are new phones and I doubted they even had refurbished. I tried to be nice, but she wouldn't listen to me and eventually it turned into a literal screaming match. I asked to speak to her supervisor and she said her supervisor would tell me the same thing...then she hung up on me! Let me tell you I was really hot at that point.

    So, I called equipment protection and explained the whole thing to her. She was really nice and confirmed what I had told the previous lady, that these are new phones, they are under a 30 day exchange, it is NOT an insurance issue, and they don't even have any to send out anyway, since it is a new phone!

    Hung up with her. I was so mad at that point by the shodding service I had received today -- totally not at all what I got on Monday with retentions, or on Wednesday with the first tech support guy, they were great -- I decided to drop Sprint, and I have been with them for over 10 years now!

    So I called and said I wanted to cancel. I got retentions again and explained my saga for yet another time to him. He was much nicer than the other girls I had spoken to and told me I could either take it to a Sprint repair center and they would give me a new one, or they could send me a new one. I explained to him that the nearest center is an hour away, with a very long wait when I go. I didn't want to wait all that time to find out they didn't have the burgundy model. Finally he agreed to send a new phone and I didn't cancel.

    My gosh, in all these years I have only called customer service to renew my contract. Is this typical treatment. I am absolutely appalled at they way that girl screamed at me and the hours I spent on hold today trying to just get through to someone. I logged over over three hours total between actually talking to people and being on hold with them today over this stupid issue.

    I mean, come one, we are talking about a three day old phone here! It should work out of the box or be replaced! It's not like I have had it for months or something. I have never had a Sprint complaint or issue in all these years until today. I am so bummed by everything that happened.

    Some of the issues I have had with this phone include:

    - Bluetooth connection either doesn't happen, or when it does it drops if you move the phone even slightly. The first tech support guy told me this shouldn't be happening, as the bluetooth is supposed to be greatly improved on this model.

    - Speaker volume is REALLY low. I have missed a ton of phone calls because I can't hear the phone ring, even when it's turned up all the way.

    - My sound in general fluctuates. When watching streaming TV sometimes it's loud enough to hear, other times not at all. I have to reset (take battery out) and then sound seems to increase for a while. Only to happen again later and have to start all over with the reset. I think it may be related to Volume Care application, based on some other people's experiences.

    - Speaker phone is horrible. Words cut in and out when I am using it, so I can't hear people's full sentences. Again, the tech told me the speaker phone is greatly improved so that shouldn't be happening.

    I'm thinking these are not normal problems, based on other peoples comments, and phone specific. Did I get a "bum" phone? It sure feels like it.

    Sorry for the long rant.
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    sounds like you got a dud. I feel ya on customer service which is why I always go thru retentions. why didn't you go there in the first place? regular cs sucks. take it up with the people you talked to when you first got your phone. most of the retentions reps know what they're doing.
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    Wow! It's so funny how it's like deja vu with the girl who told you that the only way to exchange the phone was to pay $50. It's like if you had the same conversation and experience I did word for word. Wow! It may be the exact same rep I got! Anyway, I was boiling mad too but then again my 755p has been smooth running so that is OK there. I've had some incidents with Sprint customer service but it's just the lesser of evils and in the end after much fighting they will make it right so I've stuck with them for 6 years now.
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    Customer service in general sucks nowadays, I just love when I call CS and wind up talking to someone in India who only understands less than 100 words of English, that's always a great way to spend the day
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    Wow, I get to see this in action. Never thought it was true but it seems the saying Hell has no fury like a woman scorn. >.<Sorry to hear about your problems. It seems if you want good customer service you need to talk to someone of the opposite sex. I had some bad CS from the guys and each one kept telling me something diffrent from the other rep but when I talked with the ladies, they were consistent in telling me the status of my 650 (yes this was a looong while back lol).
    Also curious, did you have bluetooth problems before that PAM? It might be that thing that is giving your Treo some headaches. Good luck with the new phone. :-)
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    It's funny, I was thinking about the opposite sex thing too. It seems like every woman I talked to gave me a hard time, but the men were great! LOL!

    Hadn't really used bluetooth much before I signed up with the PAM plan, so not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.

    I just couldn't believe the CS rep was calling this issue, on a THREE day old phone, a TEP issue. I'm not sure she even knew what phone I had, even thought I told her several times that it just came out on Monday for goodness sake. Even if it wasn't a 755p, but lets say a regular phone that I got on Monday, after three days only of use, I would surely expect a NEW replacement NOT a refurbished unit that I had to pay another $50 for!!! Something's wrong with that scenerio and the fact that she hung up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor really frosts me.
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    LOL nice, great minds do think alike, too bad I'm not unique now ;_;. Hehe, j/k ^_^/ Wow, that is some service they gave you >.< funny though to hear they expect you to pay $50 for a refurbished unit. CS is down the drain it seems, thankfully though, have to rarely give them a call.
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    If I get a male answer, I have always hung up and tried again until I get a female.
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    Yes, customer service is a farce just about everywhere these days.

    You either got a bum unit or could have problems if you didn't do a clean install.

    Try renaming the Backup folder within the folder resembling your Hotsync ID on your computer, performing a hard reset and then syncing. Reinstall third-party apps only if already known to be compatible with 650/700 and not discussed as not working elsewhere in this forum.

    Good luck.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sxtg View Post
    If I get a male answer, I have always hung up and tried again until I get a female.
    I hang up and keep trying until I get a female voice that sounds "unaccented" and "friendly."

    It took hours, but that's how I got my 700P replaced with a 755

    Patience and persistence!
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    Are the two that try to get a female voice males? LOL. I'm female and I always have better luck with a male CS rep!
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    Quote Originally Posted by printergirl1 View Post
    Are the two that try to get a female voice males? LOL. I'm female and I always have better luck with a male CS rep!
    I can see how you'd feel that way
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    Quote Originally Posted by GeneL View Post
    I hang up and keep trying until I get a female voice that sounds "unaccented" and "friendly."

    It took hours, but that's how I got my 700P replaced with a 755

    Patience and persistence!

    GeneL, how did you get your 755 upgrade? Reason I ask is because just yesterday my 700p speakerphone stopped working in addition to the center button requiring double presses to get to work.

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