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    Hi Guys, the desktop version of documents to go doesn't seem to be on the sprint treo 755p CD. According to palm's website, the desktop version of docs to go should be included

    Does anyone have this same problem?
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    I noticed this as well.
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    Would the downloaded demo register with the unlock treo during a sync?
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    I don't have the desktop version either and each time I hotsync the log makes this very clear. This makes docs virtually unusable doesn't it? E-reader is supposed to be there too and isn't.
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    My cd didn't even come with Palm Desktop and when I tried to download it from the web site, It wasn't up yet so I downloaded the 700P software and it worked.
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    Wow drozek. Bet you could go to a Sprint store and get one. That's not good at all.
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    Ok, my cd didn't have it either. Here is what you do. On the DTG app on the Treo go to the menu and click register. After you register, go to the menu and select Registration info. It will give you your reg number. Next go to and find the download link. Within there you will find a link to download the latest update for customers who got a phone with DTG pre-installed. Enter your reg code and you will be directed to a download link that only works 3 times. Download the installer and save it somwhere safe. Run it and it will install the desktop pieces as well as give you a slightly newer version of DTG on the 755p.

    Good Luck...
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    Bitbucket- thanks so much! I am off to try this now.
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    Yea! I have a Docs to go desktop and hot sync is sooo much smoother! Again many, many thanks bit bucket! Did you figure out anything about e-reader?
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    Hi guys,

    On the CD's menu you can click on the Bonus Software tab. Then, go to the MyPalm online link. From there, you can download the DTG desktop. You just need your Palm's serial number. The CD says that some software is only avaialbe from MyPalm online.
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    Thanks Roxyanne! I had checked that out the day I got my Treo but I don't think they had Docs desktop on there yet. I did get Solitaire that day. I was on the phone with Palm customer service through the My Palm site for over an hour and a half asking about this question, and they had no clue about it. I appreciate you both helping me out. Palm/Sprint should have made it more clear how to find this, and told their cs people as well.

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