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    My wife's Treo won't turn off. Whenever I hit the end call button (or if I just wait the 30 seconds that it would normally take to turn off) the screen just comes back on again (and the keyguard does not go on). I can go into more details if necessary, but has anyone ever seen anything like this? She drops her phone a lot, so I thought it might be a jammed key or something like that, but I don't see anything obviously wrong with it.

    She doesn't have much installed on her phone - basically just Chatter and I recently installed the Palm backup beta. I deleted it thinking that may be causing problems, but the problem is still there. I know I should probably try a hard reset and see what happens, but we don't have a hotsync cable at home and she hasn't backed up in a while. Does anyone have good ideas for a backup program to SD. As I plan on using the Palm Online backup going forward, I don't especially feel the need to buy a new program, but if a good one has a fully functioning trial period, I can try that.

    Any ideas?
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    well - I kind of figured out what the problem was. Whenever the phone would shut off, it would trigger the equivalent of the hotsync button. She had a similar problem a few months ago that I forgot about, so we remapped the hotsync button to go to applications, which for some reason fixed it last time. It obviously started malfunctioning again even with the button remapped, but I found an old hotsync cable that I didn't think worked, backed up her data, and did a zero out reset. That seemed to work so far, but since I think it's a hardware problem (I've done searches on hotsync loops and a lot of other people have had the same issue), I won't be surprised if it comes back.
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    The fix was very short term, as I have the same problem again.

    Does anyone know if there is a way that I can disable to hotsync button? Maybe that would work.

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