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    What are these two applications? I had to set a firewall rule to let traffic out to some outside address.
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    Nobody knows? I think it is specific to the 755p.
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    ADDIT is a "module" in the MY TREO app for the software store. So you can purchase/download software directly from your treo.

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    Thanks. What if I don't want to use it? Is there any way to block it off?
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    Set the hotsync module to "do nothing" be sure to check "set as default" You do this by right clicking the icon in the lower right of your PC and then click "custom"
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    sxtg: thanks!
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    You're welcome!
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    When I tried to set the hotsync module to "do nothing" ,it will not change from "Synchronize the files".
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    You have to click "Set as Default".
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    I got rid of this by going to teh Bluefish website and downloading the Treo version. Installed it on my desktop (not my Treo) only. This allows for teh addit/my treo to show up in add/remove programs. So, I went to add/remove programs and removed it. This workaround gets rid of the conduit.
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