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    I've had the 650 for about 2 years now and have really liked it. I have the Insurance on it. When and if it actually does die, what will Sprint replace it with? And no, I'm not going to kill it on purpose.
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    My 600 died about a month ago and I got another 600 so I would say, it doesn't look like the warehouse is running out of models.
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    But you can always ask to upgrade
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    With the 650s me and my father, mine had some issues so got it replaced under extended warranty, and got a 650. My father lost his, and assurion replaced it w/ a 700p.

    I sold my 650 (perfect condition as refurbished) for $200. Bought a used/little scratches 700p (doesn't bother me) for $200. So I consider that an upgrade

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