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  • Blue

    47 52.81%
  • Burgundy

    42 47.19%
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    I haven't made up my mind which color I want. What color do you like?
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    I gotta go with Burgundy! It matches my favorite anime (Hellsing) overall color
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    you know I had to go with burgundy..

    blue is nice though but the burgundy stuck out for me
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    Haven't seen the burgundy other than in pictures.
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    I know I would be very happy with the blue. The burgundy seems more risky depending on the exact shade. It might be very nice. I think I will want to see both in person before I buy. Of course I'm going to be waiting for a Verizon version, and the colors might be completely different. I hope not, they seem to have come up with two very good options here. At least I hope there's an interesting color choice and not just silver or something.
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    Blue for me.
    M'lady prefers burgundy.
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    Do they both have the rubberized paint a la the Treo 750? If that's the case, I go for the burgundy. Just because it's different...and cool.

    I got my Crimson 680 for the same reasons.
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    Love the burgundy because I'm tired of blue. It's a dark "velvet" looking burgundy.. looks very nice with the silver contrast. I was unsure, I had seen the new blue. It also has that "velvet" look to the dark blue - nice, but I wanted a change

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    The burgundy is nice, however in certain light it almost looks purple. Again, very nice but not really my thing. The blue is very nice.
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    i like the burgundy.. but its kind of too metro if a guy like me sports it. - so i ordered a blue
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    I like the burgundy because it's kind of unique.
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    ahah, 50/50, 40 people, love it.
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    burgundy I like more then the blue. it sticks out more. I hope the next windows treo is out in the burgundy.
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    I have the dark blue 755p version. Just the other day, I ordered a new custom Vaja case for the 755p that is duo-tone, with dark blue leather in the front half, and black in the back. It's going to look very pimping! It cost $85 plus shipping. Going to get it in about 20 days.
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    Well I just bought the burgundy today. I am lucky and my company was willing to pay up to $400 for a new phone. I added a line for my daughter (already had extra phone for her)and picked up the 755 they already ported it to my line. I was going to get Blue and did not think I would like the red, but they had one burgundy and loved the way it looked I had them side by side and I thought the Burgundy was just very sharp, I have just had it a few hours tonight. One thing it feels so much more solid and feels great in the hand. I mean it is not that much smaller, but feels much different!

    The other things is this is so much quicker than the 700p! No Lad, and EDVO is very fast

    Also the great thing is I already got my 700p sold to a friend, so I am make a little money on this deal, lol.
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    I have a Burgundy 755p on loan from Palm, it has grown on me. It's more of a metallic burgundy, but I'm a blue guy and am considering replacing my 700p for a blue 755p.
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    The burgundy looked to me like nail polish, I tried to like it but couldn't. The blue is very nice. Both are 'metallic' looking, slightly change color depending on lighting.

    very happy with the blue
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    Burgundy looks good, but I went with the blue, it just came at me
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    You should be different get a burgundy one
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    I ordered a burgundy 755p and it should arrive in about 3 days. However, after reading what some people has to say about the burgundy color on this thread I became a little unsure of my decision. So I went to the Palm store in Santa Clara, CA and hold one in my hands. Wow.... I was just amazed by both how it feels on my hands and the amazing color. I think burgundy is really an awesome color. It isn't as reddish as it looks on some pictures, it is a dark burgundy getting closer to black than red. The Treo 755p body makes the Treo 700p look like an old cheap phone from the 90s. I really like this new Treo and for those of you who are trying to decide which color to get I would highly recommend the burgundy one.

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