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    I'm on the SERO plan, and I was using the Treo 650 (Regular Vision phone), and I just received my 755p (Power vision phone) today and I tried to activate, but Sprint wanted me to upgrade my plan so that it'll be compatible with a Power Vision phone.

    +SERO plan = includes Power Vision
    +When I activated my Treo 650 = they downgraded my plan to Regular vision so it'll be compatible

    So some people might run into this problem (sprint making them upgrade to power vision plan, but they have SERO) if they currently have a Regular Vision phone.

    From the computer's point of view, it thinks you're trying to get Power Vision for free (upgrading from Regular vision to Power vision so it won't let the Representative do it).

    I had to ask to speak to a Supervisor and explained that I originally have Power Vision, but tech downgraded me and now I want it back. They are able to do it, you just have to ask nicely. I know post if a little confusing but if you run into the same situation post any questions.
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    They said all that BS to me also. I told the tech if he wanted to change my plan he could go ahead and change it to Verizon. All of a sudden, his computer had an option to activate it

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