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    Quote Originally Posted by Carterism View Post
    When I first saw the new stylus with the 755 I liked it. I still do but I admit it is flimsy. I feel like it could snap. I like the pink stylus too. If I still had 700 I would definitely get that pack. Would it even fit right in my 755? I know it wouldn't on the top.
    Quote Originally Posted by morningstar1844 View Post
    I called Treo Central and the sales person said the 680 stylus would not work in the 755, it was only good for the 680
    Okay...all of you have me doubting my sanity. I keep clicking on the link I posted and it clearly says:

    Palm Pen Stylus (3-Pack) for Treo 755p

    Smartphone Experts Pen Stylus (3-Pack) for Treo 755p

    Smartphone Experts Solid Stylus (3-Pack : Silver, Gold, Pink) for Treo 755p

    And that they are all "In Stock". I realize I have a 680 and not a 755, but since I was responding in a 755 thread, I made sure that I looked up styli for the correct device.
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    You're not crazy, Christina.

    The only reason that I posted the links that I did was to show the reviews on that type of stylus in general by that manufacturer. If there's a fit issue with one, it's certainly something to take a look at for the others that they offer. The reviews did say that the stylus is solid and feels sturdy, so it's safe to assume that the entire line is the same. Again, it was only a comparison - it was the only one that had any user feedback.

    Hope that clarifies my end of things.
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    Any follow-up on this question? Has anyone tried any of the aftermarket styli?
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    I was thinking the same as a lot of you, that the stylus feels cheap and plasticky. Then I realized that part of getting the weight down is making everything as light as it can be and still function properly.

    My 755p stylus functions properly as it is, and I like how light the 755p is compared to my 650. Therefore, the stylus stays as it is. It's not like I use it a lot anyways, right?

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    I can't stand the 755p's stylus either. The plastic part just feels so flimsy. I also want a pen stylus, so I know I'll be getting a replacement. I'm just waiting for someone else to confirm what actually fits first.
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    Same with me letsgo although I have adapted to it some. I definitely want to get a replacement.
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    I also want a pen stylus. It's just handy to have one on me at ALL times. I usually carry one in my purse but forget to take it out when I use my other purses so having a pen stylus would be great.
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    Has anyone found an all-metal stylus (with the heft of the the 700p stylus)?
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    This one says it's for the 755p
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grim View Post
    This one says it's for the 755p
    Has anyone tried this? Is it have some weight to it like the stock 700p stylus or is it lightweight cheap metal?
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    Quote Originally Posted by lisaw View Post
    I rarely use my stylus - that's what fingernails are for.
    Uhh... I thought they were for biting!
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