Posted these comments on Palm's Blog earlier this evening.

Attn: 3rd party accessories makers: we need a stylus for our 755's like the one that we have for our 700p's.

Well so much for blog tonight. "Audio Gateway" & Treo Weather by GX5 have stated that they will have support for the 755p soon.

Also a little tip, I use my 700p battery in the 755. I remove the cover & place the Treo 755p into the Smartphone Experts case & no one is the wiser. (of course this should work with most soft cases) I always use two batteries in a day.

I am also on my 2nd Treo 755p (1st one, vibrate mode did not work)

Retried to connect & pair with a 2007 Camry & was unsuccessful. The Treo 755p sees the Handfree unit and the unlock code is entered into the Treo and click next to finish. The Camry continues to search & cannot complete the connection. The 700p did work with the same car. So if anyone is able to connect with a 2007 Camry XLE, please let us know. Mine was a earlier release, purchased last April, confusing to say the least.

Also is there a program to increase the clipboard limit on the Treo's? I ran out of clipboard space when I copied these comments tonight.