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    Sooo, as I've stated in previous posts, I'm getting a 755p soon. Or, so I thought. I went into my local sprint store the first of May, and obviously they didn't have the 755p in yet, but I had no phone, and HAD to get something right then and there. So, I got the 700p.

    Well, its been two weeks, and the Sprint store said they'd have it in today [Thursday.] But, I call today, and they say that they're not going to have it now for a while.

    So, now I'm forced to wait, but, the thing is, is that my 30 days is going to be up, then I wont be able to switch. I'm really upset about this. I'm hoping they get it in soon.

    Is there any way to do a swap over the phone through sprint? is there any other way to get my 755p within my 30 days? can anyone think of anything? lol.


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    Call up *2 and order one over the phone, it will arrive in 2-3 days.
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    Is it really that easy?
    Can they do a swap over the phone?
    I mean I am within my 30 days,
    I'd just have to pay the difference.

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    Do you only have one store in Grand Rapids? Call them and ask if they have some. Don't tell them you're exchanging until you see it, then tell them what you want to do. I don't think you'd have to go to the same store. I've been in two in the last two days and they both had them. Just see if you have a corporate store and not a mall kiosk.
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    I never go to the mall kiosks.
    I have a total of about 8 Sprint PCS stores here.
    Some are in Grand Rapids,
    but I've called out to Hudsonville,
    Grand Haven, Muskegon, and Lowell too.

    No luck unfortunately.
    They all have diff. time frames.
    Some say within a few weeks,
    some say not till Mid-July,
    some say end of Summer.


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    ...maybe the fabled 700p firmware will be available before you see them in your store.
    Treo 755s in good condition available on ebay for $50-$75. No need to pay for insurance or buy a Pre.
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    If you went through an official Sprint store, then you should have no problem swapping over the phone.
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    I did go through an official sprint store.
    Thing is,
    none of the sprint stores have them in stock yet.
    Hence the reason I was wondering if there was an alternative.

    Such as over the phone.
    But iddk.

    I just want my 755p before my 30 days is up! =[

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    I'd call into Sprint and tell em' your situation. Maybe they can help you with it. You might get a rep that says you have to exchange at a Sprint store or you might get an awesome rep who will send you out a return kit and ship you a 755p. All you have to do is include your receipt from the 700p. If the first rep can't help you kindly thank them and hang up and call in again.
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    Thank you.
    I will most likely try that this coming week.
    I'm going to give the store a couple more days.
    One store about 20 miles away said they should get it tomorrow.
    So we'll see.
    I'm too impatient.

    I've become an addict.

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    We've all been there happens with the new release of the latest Treo every time.
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    That's pretty messed up that all those stores in the same area are getting the phones so much later than the release date. I hope the one that said they will have it soon really does. If none of the other suggestions work out, would they let you trade in the 700 for another phone (maybe just a cheap model) and start your 30 days over again? That could at least buy you some time. After all, it's their fault they don't have the phone in stock, they should be willing to help you until they can provide it.
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    If one of my customer had this issue I would clear it with the store manager to do the swap even after the 30 days when stock becomes available as it is not the buyers fault the device he wants isn't in stock. By stating your intention before the 30 days to swap as soon as stock becomes available IMO you should still be eligible even if the normal time expires.

    Our Store received 2 and one is a demo. The other sold the same day we got it.

    Swapping to a different phone wouldn't extend the 30 days. You are allowed only 1 exchange within the 30 days unless it for the same device due to mechanical issues.
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