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    I just bought the new Treo 755p. I'm with Sprint and have their television service with live tv. However the picture quality is terrible, it is very jumbled/scrambled. Sprint had no idea what the problem is and we tried 2 different phones. Anybody had this problem or have an answer?
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    what channel(s) were you watching? i'll check.
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    Are you sure you are in an area that gets EVDO? Maybe your connection speed is just 1x?
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    I just checked with sprint online and I seem to be in an evdo rev a area. I had a regular phone, Sanyo scp8400 and it played the live tv great. It's on any channel, Discovery, TLC, etc. I got the new Kinoma 4x and it plays videos just fine from You Tube etc. The sprint salesperson had a 700p in the store and it played the same channels of live tv just fine. So, I'm not sure what the problem is?
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    you're not alone, I have had the same problem. I can't remember what channels I was watching. I tried different ones in different place thinking it may have been in a week area. Hopefully we will find something out.........
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    Sprint TV just plain sucks.. Go out and get a slingbox and you can have your entire cable/sat TV on your treo and its 10times better than sprint TV.

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