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    Sorry for my ignorance, but I just noticed this new application show up on my 700p called WsBk Test. When i click on it, i get the error "ARM Debugger Not Enabled-Please enable the debugger and retry the application"

    Does any one know what this is? and more importantly, do i need it?

    Thanks in advance!
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    I have the same application on mine and get the same errot message when I try to launch it. Would love to knnow what it is for?
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    It is from the Palm Backup program. I just installed Palm Backup on my 700p and during the installation I happened to look down and see several files being installed with the "Ws" in front of it.
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    I have a treo 650 from verizon. I installed PalmBackUp a couple of weeks ago but the wsbk test just popped out 2 nights ago. I had a guess that it was from PalmBackUp program but wasn't sure. Any ideas of what the deal is here. What does it do, and will palm use the connection to install features on the phones as they please.

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