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    I'm really confused about how the various document readers work. A few weeks ago when I downloaded iSiloFree, I assumed (stupid me) that I could use it to read any palm-formatted document or book. But when I go to MemoWare, the books and other documents listed there all seem to require a specific reader like TomeRaider. Now I'm learning that if I want to buy a an e-book from PeanutPress, I have to use their PeanutReader (or is it called PalmReader now?). I've also heard people make reference to CSpotRun and ReadThemAll.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but I don't understand the difference between all these readers. Do I really have to keep a copy of every one just to make sure I always have the right reader required to read a given document?? This seems ridiculous. Isn't there any reader out there that reads *everything*? If not, what comes the closest?
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    MemoWare has a listing of the various DOC formats and the readers that support them.
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