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    I don't seem to have Docs to go on either the Treo or the CD, or ereader, either. Been on the phone with Palm for over an hour with the clueless techs. Any one else have this?
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    According to Palm's documentation it should be pre-installed on the 755p. They should be able to get it to you if you don't have it.
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    Well I was on with them for over an hour and tech support is clueless. I don't want to get another phone as I got it from them mail order and it will be next week before it comes. This is not good.
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    It's in the rom. does it show up after a hard reset? do you have one of those apps that hide application icons? is your category at the top set to "ALL" not pickin on ya- that's got me before, I always remove all other categories, but sometimes an install will recreate some.
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    Ok I found Docs when I installed Zlauncher. Ereader is not there. Thanks for the tip sxtg!
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    You're welcome. Tell perry so I get credit for my "useful post of the day"
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    Will be glad to. I am new here so how do I do that?
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    Ereader is a free download if you don't have it. I didn't see it on my 755p, either, but you can get it here:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cathearder View Post
    Will be glad to. I am new here so how do I do that?
    It was said in jest for Perry's benefit. He's our resident "nice guy"
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    Gotcha sxtg! Jaeer apparently at least you and I did not get e-reader. Thanks for the link. The advantage in getting it from Palm is that you get some free e-books and a free dictionary, at least that is what happened with my TX. Thanks for the link. I also did not get the Documents to Go desktop. Did you get that? Wonder what else I am missing?

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