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    it was reported in another thread the mail icon no longer shows up in the phone app
    That's probably a good thing. The linkage between the phone app and versamail is the biggest cause of the delays the 700P is famous for.
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    just installed Ludus P also, its a lifesaver after using a 650 for 2.5 yrs... I was having a hard time getting use to the 700/755 button layouts, and as a plus it fixed my "default launcher" issue with treo launcher... once my sd card arrives my 650 will be a distant memory
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    "I can live with just about everything but the *&^*^%$ miniSD nonsense. Dropping down the battery life was also stupid, but at least it's not as bad as the 680 (1200mAh)."

    My battery life is better than with the 700p at the end of the day with 3hrs of constant web (results of a boring CE class) and tons of calls in the afternoon I have more as much left as a typical day without web surfing. YMMV

    UNlike.... well ya know.... The size isn't as imortant as how its used
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    I'm glad to hear of the decent battery life. I have a 650 now and in the last six months or so have taken to web surfing as my means of amusing myself when I'm bored at work (it used to be Bejeweled or NesEm). Of course that kills the battery, and on especially boring days I have come dangerously close to being left without my phone for the rest of the day. My battery is also two years old which probably has a lot to do with it, but I'm not going to replace it since I hope to get a 755 soon.

    I don't know if this is true, but in my head it makes sense that the higher connection speed of the 755 should save battery life because it takes less time to download the same amount of data, meaning the radio should be on less. Or does the new radio require more energy to get that speed, and it all washes out?
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    Dunno? There isnt EVDO in my area. But surfing and downloading is faster with the 755 than the 700
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