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    ** I'm not responsible if your screw up your device - just sharing my experience. Use these instructions at your own risk. **

    Subject: Mac, Clean Install How To, Clean Install Instructions, Clean Install Walkthrough.

    Thought someone can learn from my experience (probably more efficient ways but this is how I do it).

    The treo 650/600/700p to a Treo 755p (should work with any upgrade though)

    Key Items:
    User Data - this (in my limited understanding) is the file that contains all of your contacts, calendar, tasks. This is located by default in the Documents/Palm/Users/"YourID" folder. You will also have a "user data archive" file (I ignore it).
    Saved Preferences This (in my understanding) contains your passwords for apps. It is located by default in Documents/Palm/Users/"YourID"/Backups folder.
    Backup Folder - This is the folder where you your purchased applications reside that you will use to restore to the new device later.
    .prc file - This is an application file. The 3rd party software you restore will be this.
    .pdb - This is the database file. For example if an application has data you create (such as Splash ID has all my old passwords) you will need to be sure to copy this over when you copy the associated .prc file.

    ** another tip that helps with upgrades is printing out all of the receipts when you purchase palm apps and their registration codes then put them in a physical folder somewhere, that you have a physical record in case you need it.
    1. Upgrade your desktop software using the palm CD.

    2. Hard reset your new device 755p (unless you just got it out of the box) so its clean

    3. Do a final hotsync on your old device. This is to make sure your data is current

    ***Do not hard reset your old device (because it contains the valuable PIM data) until you are sure your new device is set up properly.

    4. Copy and rename the "yourID" (e.g., if my device name is "Craig" that will be the folders name) to your desktop calling it "Craig Old." This will be the place that you get the PIM data (User Data), saved preferences, and apps from. This file is located by default in documents/Palm/Users/"Craig"

    5a. With the copy of "yourID old" on your desktop (double check now that its there), now Delete the entire folder palm user folder. Go to Documents/Palm - I delete the palm folder and all files contained therein.

    5b. If your anal like me you can then Go delete the Palm Desktop by going to Applications/Palm and deleting the folder named Palm by dragging it to the trash can. This is not a necessary step (that I know of) but I do it 'cause I'm strange. (Actually I read that Palm recommends this)

    5c. If you did 4b then reinstall the Palm desktop with the new CD

    6. Now hotsync your new phone - 755p. When you create a new ID (since you deleted your old ID "craig" it must be named "craig" (the same as your ID) becuase most of the 3rd party apps are use that user ID to register the software. After you install the Palm Desktop from the CD it will likely ask to create a user, create it "craig" or whatever yourid is. This will add any programs that palm wants to install from the CD.

    (Your new device (755p) will still be empty. You will not have your PIM apps (contacts, calendar, tasks) or your old 3rd party programs.)

    7. Open the "yourID old" folder that you placed on your desktop (desktop/yourid old). Also open the new "yourid" folder from Documents/Palm/Users/"yourID" (in my case "craig"). Your are now going to copy the essential apps to your clean ID.
    7a. Locate the "saved preferences" file in both locations and replace the new one with the old one.
    7b. Locate the "user data" file and replace the new one with the old one (that has all your PIM data).

    8. Now in documents/palm/user/"yourid" folder (which you have open) double click the "Conduit Data" file. Tell all the conduits that "mac overwrites handheld." Note on the "Backup" I put "restore from backup". DO NOT change them to default - they will return to sync after you perform one hotsync (which is what you want). If you do "default" they will remain in the mac overwrites palm mode (bad!)

    9. Hard reset your 755p - remove battery and hold red phone button on "access powered" screen - then press up when prompted.

    10. Hotsync your (once again) clean 755p. When asked to Identify it - tell the Palm Desktop sync it is "yourid" or in my case "craig." It will now load all of your old PIM apps (contacts, calendar, tasks) and saved preferences.
    (you've got the hard stuff done!)

    11. Now check your 755p to see that your contacts, calendar, and tasks are there. If so your safe!

    ** Now you will begin installing each 3rd party app one by one (Note: if you don't do this step you may install an incompatible app and end up with the dreaded reset loop - from which you have to start the process all over again).

    12. Open up desktop/"yourid old"/backup - This is where you will get your old apps from. The backup folder contains your 3rd party stuff. You will need to copy both the .prc file and the .pdb file for each application.

    13. I just start at the top of the list and double click a .prc and any associated .pdb file (or drag it to the install icon) . It will then be placed into the install window for "yourid." Perform a hotsync. If your 755p doesn't do a reset loop and you can use the program -

    14. REPEAT step 13 down the list until you've restored all desired 3rd party apps.

    ** If you have a program that causes a reset loop - don't panic. Do a hard reset on the 755p. Go to Documents/Palm/Users/"yourid"/backups and delete the last program you install becuase it was the culprit. Do Step 8 - Mac overwrites handheld (Dont miss this step). Then hotsync your 755p and go back to step 14, but skip the bad 3rd party app. If it's a critical app you will need to check for an update or contact the developer.

    Hope this helps (I think I got it all). Others add your experience to it and correct it as you see fit.

    15. Once your convinced you no longer need your old device you can hard reset it and sell it!
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    Good hell that's a long explanation Wish it'd been there yesterday. Pretty much all I didn't transfer over was my versamail email and my text messages-- otherwise it did copy my contacts, memos, and photos over. I didn't have much else installed on my 650.

    Thanks for putting in the time to write that!
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    Thanks. I wrote it because I was looking for instructions for this on TC, but couldn't find it. So I went ahead and wrote what I know about it.
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    the 755p is my first treo and i use the missing sync for mac os. do you know if this would work for deleting the sprint software that comes pre-installed (versamail, get nuance, get good, etc?). in other words, will the hard reset remove everything and allow me to install just the programs i want?

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigleaguechu View Post
    the 755p is my first treo and i use the missing sync for mac os. do you know if this would work for deleting the sprint software that comes pre-installed (versamail, get nuance, get good, etc?). in other words, will the hard reset remove everything and allow me to install just the programs i want?

    no those are in the ROM (Read only memory), which means they are unable to be deleted.

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