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    To make the 755p white?
    I know they have the 'Arctic Treo 680',
    and thats kinda the look I'm going for.

    I'm getting the Burgundy 755p for now.
    I think it's gorgeous,
    I just love white.
    Even my laptop is white.

    But yeah.
    I know they make faceplates for the 700p,
    650, 680, 700wx, etc,

    I want one for the 755p.
    I guess I'll just have to wait.

    I realized this post had no point to it what soever.
    Seeing as how there's no solution.
    Except to wait.

    Sorry. Lol.

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    Aren't the 680 and the 755 almost identical?

    w 2.3 in
    h 4.4 in
    d 0.84 in

    w 2.3 in
    h 4.4 in
    d 0.8 in

    There's a .04 difference.
    And a small difference in weight.

    But all the other slots, camera spot,
    everything else is the same right?

    Can't I just take a 680 casing,
    and put it on a 755p?

    Would it work?
    Or am I just retarted?

    I'm guessing retarted?

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    Okay, so,
    it looks like the backs may not match up directly.
    but no cigar.
    I took two images,
    same size,
    of both models,
    from the back and compared.
    The stylus slot on the 680 is longer than on the 755p.

    So, no go there.
    Plus, the 680 has less camera holes than the 755p.

    The front looks identical though.

    680 vs. 755p

    I'm thinking if I can just remove the white front casing of a 680,
    or just find a case on ebay or something,
    I might just try it.

    I also want the all white buttons,
    with the black #'s,
    instead of the all black buttons,
    with the white #'s.

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    I 'spose I could.
    But I don't think I have the skills for that.
    Nor do I think I have THAT strong of an urge.

    I am pretty obsessed with the white 680 though.

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    Get the "Frost" colored Palm Flexi Case...
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    If I could find the soft touch paint I think I would probably paint my 700. That would also give me the motivation to install a lanyard FINALLY.

    I have a lanyard on my 650 and I miss it quite a bit.
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    My 650 is worn in places, and the underlying plastic looks white (or off-white at least).

    Maybe you can sand off all the paint and just use the bare plastic?

    (Just a thought... Not responsible if you mess up your treo)!
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