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    Ok, so I decided to break down and go for the 755. Big factor was that I have just recently lost my Siedio charger and the batteries i have for my 650 were starting to drain very quickly. So it was going to be an investment in a couple of new batteries and a charger if I stayed with my 650 which was also on its last legs (banged up, screws missing, screen a bit scratched)

    Went to the local Sprint store and, sure enough, they had JUST gotten in a couple of 755's. Just the blue, which is what I wanted anyway. No display out yet and the girl didnt even know what the price was for certain.

    Initially no problems. Salesperson said I would get $150 instand rebate, plus another $50 rebate and then was eligible for the $100 mail in rebate, if I signed up for another 2-years.

    Problems started when she tried to put in all the codes, nothing was working and the computer was very slow. Supervisor had to come over. Finally got past the first stage, when I was told I would have to change plans and add $15/mo for the power vision, even though we do not have EV-DO in our area yet. FWIW, I currently had free Vision that was given to me as part of an earlier dispute. Also the computer codes started acting up again and I was not getting the full discount.

    Needed to head out to a haircut appointment, so left the store, told them I would be back, and called retention (#2 "cancel"). Explained my problem and how long I had been at the store. The guy said he could set me up with monthly credits so that although I would get charged the the Power Vision, the credits would wind up cancelling it out.

    Retentions also said I could get $250 worth of discounts ($150 now, $100 mail in) he said it like he was giving me a deal that they could not give at the store, but i told him the store already promised that, but was having trouble getting computer to accept it.

    Back in the store, with the retention guy on the phone, they saleswoman tried and tried to make the computer work. Took about 25min and several conversations with the retentions person but she finially got it to go through it seemed and I paid for my phone, thanked the retention guy and hung up with him.

    Then she started having problem again getting it to take the discount. Another guy came over and told her how to manually enter the discount and told her that she would need to put in the note section that "Customer was eligible for all discounts"

    Ok, so now I have the phone, have beamed over some of my key apps and am very happy so far. Voice quality on the phone call much better than my 650 with VolumeCare.

    Took a bit to get my P-Tunes delux up and running, but that is fine now as well.

    One funny thing, I was playing with the camera and thought how bad the picture was on the screen. Didnt realize there was a plastic film protecting the lens!!!! Duh!!!

    So, so far, so good with the new toy. KB lights off works great and does not interfere with p-tunes. Butler not working, perhaps I dont have the most recent version, says only works on 650/600.

    Will keep everybody posted
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    Confirmed: spint sux. Congrats on your new Treo. I'll wait intil VZW gets on board.
    Visor-->Visor Phone-->Treo 180-->Treo 270-->Treo 600-->Treo 650-->Treo 700P-->Treo 755P-->Centro-->Pre+-->Pre 2
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    Quote Originally Posted by pdxtreo View Post
    Confirmed: spint sux. Congrats on your new Treo. I'll wait intil VZW gets on board.
    Well the retention guy was great. Store folks tried their best, but computer wouldnt let them do what they wanted.

    Also Got Butler working, had an old version

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