I have a Treo 650, and have just added the Business Connection to my Sprint PCS service so that I can view MS Exchange messages on my Treo. I have been able to get it set up so that I can view and reply to messages on the web, but I would like to get those messages onto the Treo using Versamail (or SMS messaging, or something like that). Can I do that? I've seen tantalizingling close references to that in the discussion boards, but haven't found anyone actually say yes or no (well, the Sprint store says no, but I don't actually believe that he knew what he was talking about).

Note: this is completely outside of the IT department. I am using the business connection software on my local computer.

Note 2: I do know that Verizon offers this service, as a friend recently switched to Verizon to get that (and EVDO here in Albany, NY).

Note 3: I'd be willing to upgrade the phone and/or the mail software if necessary.

Thanks, --sw