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    I have been a long-time Treo user and recently made the switch from the 650 to the 700wx. I mainly switched so that I could get true push email from our exchange server. I had tried chattermail and while it worked pretty well it wasn't the built in solid solution I was looking for. I miss the palm operating systems quick responsiveness and overall ease of use. I understand that exchange push email is now available on the 755p and would love to hear of anyones experience with it...especially compared to a 700wx. The only things that I do with my Treo besides phone usage are sync to my Vista desktop, stream KFI640 radio, watch slingbox very little and PROCESS EMAIL.

    If anyone could please give me their opinion I would value it greatly. The upgrade doesn't cost anything for me as my company will cover it. I just need to know if this would be a good solution.

    Thank you in advance,
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    I had the 700WX and I am trying out the 755P. I have had both Windows Mobile and Palm smartphones in the past and I do have to say that the Palm is a little better when it comes to being a true phone. I have also found that there are more applications available that make using the phone much better such as TakePhone and keycaps for typing.
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    I'm in the same position and trying to decide between the 700wx and 755p. I really like the WM applications like SBP Pocket Plus, FlexMail, etc. The Palm OS application interfaces seem ancient. I guess I'm just use to the Microsoft style interfaces. Of course, if WM5 or WM6 acts like XP with the typical hour glass, reboots, etc., that would be a bummer. Plus the 240x240 screen issue. Our company uses IMAP, so Exchange integration is not an issue.

    I don't own either Treo, so can you offer any reasons why you would switch?

    Also, is the current WM resolution an issue for you?
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    Exchange push works very well for mail, calendar and contacts. I am impressed.
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    Is it better than chattermail? Does it feel truly integrated into the os?

    thank you
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    I went from a 700p to a WX and I am not looking back. There is so much more you can do with WM. As for the screen resolution, it was not a big deal... at least not for me. The palm OS is pretty simple and honestly boring at this point. Just my 2 cents. It's mostly just a matter of preference. Either way, both are good phones.
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    thanks badash...I was of the same opinion for a long time but I now really miss the instant response that a palm provides.
    I like the wx it is just so slow on switching programs and I find its lower resolution cumbersome on applications. I liked how much screen real estate I had while browsing the web or using OnDemand. My only problem going to the 755p is the quality of the PUSH offering.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nomoresprint View Post
    Exchange push works very well for mail, calendar and contacts. I am impressed.
    I left the 700p to 700wx because i was sick of the "push to sync" annoyances when you set "as messages arrive" option on the 700p. Do you still have to "open" the data connection on the 755p or is it "open" all the time like the 700wx?
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    From what I can tell, the data session stays open all the time. I have never used chattermail. I use a BlackBerry for work, however my company also has Exchange access. I just put my settings in and within minutes, all my work contacts, calendar and mail was synchronized.

    We also have 700W's at my company and frankly, its personal preference, Exchange sync seems to work as well on both platforms. The benefit of the P is that you have real Office edit capabilities.
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    thank you for the update. That sure seems like what I am looking for.

    Does anyone know of its compatibility with Vista and Outlook 2007?
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    Just bought the 755p. I LOVE IT!!! It is so much better than the 700wx. The system is very fast and the screen is beautiful. I never realized how much I missed the 650.

    I will let you know more differences when I get a chance to play with it.
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    specsys - Please do tell.... What's making you like the 755p better than the 700wx? I need to pull the trigger on buying the 755p over the 700wx soon. Any comparisons would really help. Thanks
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    Ok just made the switch. Not totally by choice but lost/stolen 700wx generated the problem. So I went to sprint to check out what to do. I noticed the 755 was just out. I do not have insurance so I stepped up to the $$$$ pump. I figured I might as well try it and in 30 days if I hate it, I can go back to what I know, my 700 wx.

    So far pros and cons:

    Pros for 755p

    1. BT is much better on 755p. Jabra JX10 loud and clear, nobdody knows on BT. I had problems on the 700wx.
    2. Device feels solid (like the rubberized grip)
    3. audio port is still a 2.5mm plug but looks to be a beefier mount (for those that damaged theirs)
    4. Software seems to work, no issues setting up hot sync through cable or BT. BT hot sync was a piece of cake (took many days on WX and still was flaky). Nice just have something work.
    5. Display is REALLY NICE. great contrast, nice and bright, and 320 x 320 is a nice change. Very clear.
    6. Seems to be a better phone. (I know just several hours so far).
    7. Calendar display is great!

    1. Contacts look like crap compared to WM
    2. Like the instant name search on the WM Today Screen. Seems I have to hit contacts, then type name, then dial... its just an extra step but really liked that in WM.
    3. Stylus is cheap feeling. 700wx stylus felt good and meaty!
    4. I have SD cards for cameras and things. MicroSD (just another cost)
    5. Pocket Internet explorer seems easier to navigate then Blazer or whatever the browser is.
    6. Pocket Outlook interface seems cleaner than versamail. SMS Messaging, Email, etc, was all under the same interface.
    7. Liked the soft buttons on the WX vs. the talk and hangup/power buttons on the palm. I hate having to hit the little soft buttons with my fingers on the screen.

    Not sure all the apps I used on WM are available on Palm. Sirius CE was cool on travel. Phonealarm was nice and others, but I am sure there are similiar if I search harder.

    I am not so sure about the palm OS. I have to get used to it. I am used to closing apps and launching programs differently. I have had CE devices for a long time (Casiopias, Toshibas, Dells, and Treos). So its a big change, but I will be positive!

    No reset button - but that may be a good thing! Can palm be that much more stable!

    I will keep updating as I get more experience. I have 30 days!

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    You need to try TakePhone. This beats the you know what out of searching on the 700WX. I have about 2000 contacts and TakePhone is one of the main reasons I made the switch.
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    I like it so far however the push email doesn't work very well. I am constantly getting messages to sync EAS (Exchange Active Sync I assume).

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    hey specsys, any updates...i'm currently with cingular and my plan expires in 2 wks, and i've done some research and looking to get either a 700wx or the 755p. I just wanted to know which one is better. I've had a palm tx and familiar with the palm system. But i hated the fact of carrying a phone and a pda, plus i hate cingular and its crappy service. So switching to sprint and getting the sero plan wit/in the next couple of days before it expires.

    Also, does the 700wx run on evdo rev A? cuz i know the 755p does not.
    i've read that 700wx is faster than the 755p. however i like the apps that are on the 755p (aim, google maps, sprint tv, which the 700wx doesn't have) and the better screen resolution. Also the fact that it has an internal antena and lighter. the 700wx has had more info bout it and heard it was more stable? any thots or suggestions would be nice.
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    The 700wx is not EVDO Rev A and I don't believe the 755p is either. Even if the 755p is on rev A, it can't take advantage of simultaneous voice/data because of limitations in the Palm OS.
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    I went from a 700wx to a 755p over this weekend just to try it out (even thou i was a long time 700p user). The 755p is very similar application wise to the 700p with the exception to Sprint IM and Google maps which is neat.

    My biggest gripe about the 700wx is the lack of MMS. Even thou I had the Arcsoft MMS hack applied which let me send MMS it not as seamless as when it comes with the device. Sometimes MMS would send and other times it wouldn't. If your not big on MMS then this isnt an issue.

    I did notice that on the 755p exchange works really well and messages arrives when received rather than having to fetch (it does true push).

    I will eventually go back to WM5 / 6 side of the field. I will sit tight with 755p for now until either Mogul makes an appearance or 800wx. Maybe Sprint will one day fix MMS issues on WIndows MObile devices.

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