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    I am looking for a simple to use program for updating a small website and then the ability to FTP the files to the server? I have only been able to find one. It was DragonEdit. It seems like an OK program, but before I pay to register this shareware program I thought I would see if there are any other options I should look at. I am using a Sprint 700P phone at this time. Thanks.
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    I edit using Sied. I have defined some autotext in ShortCut5 for frequently used tags. I then upload via Lftp.

    I have tested actual palm os html editors but did not get enough out of them to register.
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    DragonEdit is probably the best one. The limitation on the Treo is the screen size. FTP is a bit of a cludge to setup but once you do set it up, its simple. I use DE, heck built most of my personal site with it and don't hesitate to edit CSS with it all the time. It works, and isn't a two program solution.
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