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    I have the $50 SERO plan with a treo650. I tried to purchase the 755p from the sprint store however they could not give me the $150 instate rebate but could sell me the phone out right. I ended up ordering with telesales and was able to get the rebate. The box arrived the next day (Tue May 17). I tried to activate with the activations department and they said they could not because I needed power vision and I needed to change my plan. I told them my plan includes power vision EV-DO but they just did not get it, they tried to transfer me and then I hung up. Then I called *2 on my 650 and the same thing happened, I ended up talking with her for about 40min until she got her manager. I told her I would not change my plan and I knew someone with the 700p with EVDO on the same plan as I was. She then transferred me to retentions without speaking with them. I then had to explain to him the problem I was having, but he was able to active the phone in 2min.

    After all of that I am using my new Treo755p. I LOVE THIS PHONE!! However I am not in an EVDO area as of yet.
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    If you get people like that on CS, just politely excuse yourself and hang up and call again.

    A bunch of the reps are dumb, but I got an extremely friendly one and she did all the ESN swaps for me in one call.
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    ask the rep to do the swap in P2K -they can use your old plan in the ps2 system

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