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    just upgraded from 650 to 755. Very impressed so far. The phone has been rock solid stable since day one, and I threw a lot apps at it too. Battery is pretty good so far, but with conditioning, it should get better. EVDO is simply amazing...wifi, what wifi the keyboard layout change took about a day to get used to, and now I can't use a 650 anymore...

    The green ON bottm does seem pretty useless, but I guess if one were coming from a "dumb" phone, it would make more sense.

    the format factor is perfect, and if the treo could lose another oz or so and some thickness, it may just be the perfect smartphone.
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    I was really annoyed with the new button layout, but I got used to it after a couple days. I still don't see the purpose of splitting the original Phone button's utility into two different buttons. Battery life seems to have weakened.

    Otherwise, I love this phone. Sharper text, EV-DO, no antenna, and non-slip surface.
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