I hope someone can show me an easy solution to this "problem", because I cannot believe that Motorola could possibly be this dense.

I have liked my old flip-boom Motorolas in the past and needed to get a new one that had a mute feature. I am constantly on large conference calls where I don't talk for 10+ minutes and therefore need to mute to silence my mobile road noise. So I got the H700 and thought it was great. Enabling mute is easy enough. But while muted my set gives off an indicator beep about every two seconds (I guess to let you know that you are muted). Problem is that instead of blending with the conversation it actually cuts off the person talking for a split second each time. This makes it impossible to follow the conversation while muted. Is there a way to turn this "feature" off? Motorola's typical light-weight instructions give no detail. Surely Motorola didn't think this would work for Mute. I might as well put the call on hold. Any ideas?