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    Hi Guys, sorry top have to post this here, apologies first but there is nothing more I can do now apart from posting here to draw SIEDIO's attention with regard to my refund request.

    I think most of the people here who purchased their INNO Dock Jr. have experienced that the cradle actually "dis-charging" the Treo rather than charging it. After numerious complaints, I have decide to make a refund request which I have written to as well as rma@siedio and all I get is an auto gen message asking me to file on request online, which I did last week and up to now I have heard nothing. What annoys me is that they took your money right away when you buy something from them but when you talking about is hopeless and I have heard people here mentioned that it took them 3 weeks to hear from them, which when you fill in the RMA form, they said 2 working days. I am from HK and this whole process actually make it even more difficult to deal with

    Please if SEIDIO see this, I want my request to be handle right away. My order# is79661

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    Yep, I feel for you. Although Seidio always comes online and posts apologies and tries to take care of it, they are not proactive about anything. You have to scream and yell just to get their attention. Their customer service is second to none at being the worst. You can call every number they give you and email every address they have, but you usually will not get a response. I am sure some of you have had occasional good luck with them, but it looks as if most of us experience consistent disappointment. I refuse to do business with them anymore because it was so bad and such a waste of my time. Plus, with their recent track record of poor quality products, why take a chance with them? I order everything here, off of TreoCentral. It arrives lightning fast and has always worked.

    I would like to see Seidio banned from adevertising their products here in the forums.
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    Have you called them? If you're this upset, I wouldn't rely on email communication.

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    Thanks for the reply guys..

    Calling them ? I do not want to spent a penny more because of this to be honest and quite agreed with conekkted that would also like to see them banned from advertising here, infact would like to see them goes out of business...
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    You've actually made the best move posting here. They're quicker to resolve problems after they're made public here.
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    I have to agree, I will never buy anything else from them again. I've had a few things that the build quality was just horrible. My buddy just bought a battery cover from them and it looked liked they cut it out with a pair of scissors. Looked really bad...
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    After about three weeks of hearing nothing, I got three emails with credits, but not for the dock itself. Sigh. I will have to call again.
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    I have finally got a reply from them..well...they said my claim is not approved because it has been past 4 months !! I know that !! BUT has a genuine problem and it is not working since day 1 until people start talking about it in this forum. How am I suppose to find out ? I don't care I will continue to write and I am not going to let them get away !!!!!

    SEDIO: Please watch out for ALL other palm forums because you will see that I will post everywhere that your company provide the worst ever service that I have experience and your product is crab.
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    If you paid by credit card, you can just dispute it with your credit card company.
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    Quote Originally Posted by outienet View Post
    If you paid by credit card, you can just dispute it with your credit card company.
    I agree. Take it up with your credit card company.
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    Seidio is a bunch of turdlings.

    Their products are sub-standard. I've had cradles, cables, and batteries from them, and all had problems.

    The best move is to charge all purchases on a credit card and dispute it if they get squirrely.
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    Thanks for the response guys...Never thought of that about dispute it with credit card company since the amount was charged in Mid-Jan..still possible ?

    Anyway, I am going to bombard their RMA department for this.
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    4 months? They better not try that excuse with me. I bought the rubberized combo holster. They have been promising forever to replace it, but no one ever tells us what's going on with its status. So I have asked for a refund. They better change their numbers and email addresses if I hear that line from them.
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    Gee and they just made the "front page news" at
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    Quote Originally Posted by noahas View Post
    Gee and they just made the "front page news" at
    Huh ! I am going to amke another front page news for out ! In fact I will leave comments there about the unhappy experience with them. Numerious complaints about the INNO Dock, experience with their CS, etc. I really would expect that they would "proactively" contact each customers who bought that piece of junk and apologise and also sent them a working one. No questions should be ask.
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    Interesting. They've been more than fair with me on my issues. I had the tabs break on the crystal case and asked them if they could upgrade the replacement to the rubberized case that just came out. Did it for 5 bucks.

    I agree that some of their products lack refinement.
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    i traded a defective black rubberized case for another one back in December;i did not receive the replacement until late february. the kicker is that they had no record of a replacement, my info had somehow been "lost". I just gave them my info from the email they sent me and everything was cool; if i had never called then i would still be waiting.

    other than this incident, i have had no problems with seidio, except as already mentioned the long wait for replacments/refunds....but in all fairness most companies are like that.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikec View Post
    Seidio is a bunch of turdlings.

    Their products are sub-standard. I've had cradles, cables, and batteries from them, and all had problems.

    The best move is to charge all purchases on a credit card and dispute it if they get squirrely.
    Why don't you open up and tell us how you really feel?? How ya been? I haven't seen you around...
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    Turdlings - what a great word. I'll have to remember that one
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    do what I did, I filed a complaint with the better business bureau......I got my money refunded in like a week and a half.
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