Thankfully I can finally close my relationship with Seidio. Yesterday I received my refund that was 4 months in the making. And in typical Seidio fashion, they had to screw me one more time. When I originally purchased the ill-fated combo holster I paid $13.62 for FedEx Express shipping. Several days after my order I inquired to see where my shipment was only to find out it was backordered. A week later I finally got the holster. Then I had to spend another $6 to send the item back to Seidio with delivery confirmation. So $20 in shipping. And did Seidio ever offer to refund the difference between regular shipping and the Express shipping I paid for. Nope. Did I get any of the $20 shipping charges refunded to me yesterday? Nope. Did someone send me an apology email saying "we are sorry for all of your trouble and we don't want to lose you as a customer". Nope.

This has been a textbook example of how a company should not be run. From Product QA, to order taking, to inventory management, to shipping, to customer service, to damage control on TC.

The only thing that will hopefully keep Seidio alive is their other innovative products. Because everything else about their business model screams failure.