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    Well Palm is our friend.

    Just discovered today that my vibrate mode is not working. Usually when you flick the button from Right to Left; you will feel the vibration. Not on mine, played with the various software options but no luck. What is Palm trying to do to us (no, don't tell me)?

    Also no spare battery available yet? It would seem that a large corporate company would prepare to have a spare battery available for purchase. Is Palm trying to drive us away? Sorry another rant; no AD2P, no GPS and a Mini SD!!!! Of course I do appreciate the fact that the battery with the 755 lasts almost as much as the the 700p's. I am trying out the new
    motorola H-9 and it would be so nice to to just hit the button on your ear and say call Steve S. Will this feature be out on the Linux Treo?

    Also the Palm forum could be a avenue for Palm to explain issues in detail. We really don't get answers to our questions but it is how the Palm folk use their Treo's. I have noticed that the postings are becoming less and show no other purpose than for many of us (not all) to vent our frustrations!

    Good Night!
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    Go to the phone and type ##49878# and run test 6.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AndrewAz View Post
    Go to the phone and type ##49878# and run test 6.
    thanks, no luck (no vibration)

    That is good information, did not know it existed!
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    morningstar Im in the same boat and have only had the phone a month and all of the sudden no vibration. I will be heading to the sprint store tomorrow in hope of an exchange.
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    Is that flipping of the switch and it actually vibrating a new feature of the 755p or did the 700's have it as well?
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    Did you soft reset?
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    the flippping the switch making it vibrate is a feature of the 700p and 755p. I have done a soft reset and hard reset and still nothing... its only been a month so I'm very dissapointed.


    I took it to a sprint repair center and in half an hour they fixed it. They had to replace the vibrating mechanism. Since I bought it such a short time ago they repaired it for free.
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    I love that ##49878# feature... really tests out the treo, so if something does go wrong, it is easy to prove to those sprint guys
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    Am I missing something? I get "command not supported with ##49878# on a Treo 750.
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    750 probably has different commands, isn't the 750 windows mobile?
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    so uh... any advice for a phone that has no sprint warranty? is there a manufacturers warranty? i just ran the test and no vibrate


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