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    HELP - Anyone know what's causing this?

    My contacts are getting corrupt. I've tried everything that I can think of:

    1. DB Scan - found/fixed most critical errors
    2. Filez - Identified that some Contact entries are 23,000 KB in size and should be around 100 or up to say maybe 1000 kb if really huge set of notes.
    3. I've flagged those huge ones, and looked deep inside them using filez and found they have other files meshed into them from other I know they are corrupt.
    4. I've deleted and re-keyed those on the desktop and then forced a desktop overwrites handheld and it fixes it. (Temporarily)...then some of those become corrupt again..seems random...can't find a common reason so far.

    Not using much 3rd party software and none of it would impact contacts.
    Not interrupting hot sync

    I called Palm and spent an hour and still no answer...they don't even have ANY RECORD that there is even a Maintenance Release being discussed at Palm and the rep checked with her supervisor. What a pitiful situation!!!

    I've looked at hundreds of posts about contacts corruption and included a link to one below and tried the things listed solution.

    Palm's solution is the same one they tell me every 6-9 months when this blows up...they want me to create a new user name and hard reset the device and export/import all my entries...etc... of course that works for 6-9 months and then it goes crazy again. There has to be a better solution.

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    here is what I recommend, first do a backup just in case. Then using filez delete all address and contact dbs I think there is 6-8 of these databases. Then right click on the hotsync icon on your computer and go to custom and click on the contacts and set it to desktop overrides handheld. Give that a whirl and see what happens
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    I feel for you--must suck.

    How many contacts do you have and what are symptoms that make you know there is a problem, before looking w/ Filez, etc.?

    Your link is busted, btw, goes to 404, file not found.

    Good luck and be well,

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    Here's the history:

    Had a Palm III, then VIIx..then T3, the Treo 650 and now 700P.

    When I converted from VIIx to T3 began having a problem every so often about a once a year ...where couldn't hot sync.

    The usual palm answer is just to create a new user name...then export/import files. Have done that about every 6-9 months - - i.e. every time the device quits being able to hot sync.

    Usually costs me SEVERAL Hours every time it happens of sitting on the phone with Palm from India or wherever....ALWAYS SUCKS.

    So - I thought most companies use a wireless sync..maybe I should forget about Hot Sync and try the Verizon Wireless Sync. So - worked it out/tried it and got it to work..but discovered they only retain 90 days of data on the wireless that's not a viable long term repository for my records. Also noticed that whenver I did Wireless synch...and then did a hot sync would have error messages saying some records didn't transfer (usually just a handful of records). So began to feel this wasn't safe.

    Stopped the Wireless Sync....back to Hot sync only.

    Then it continued working for a few months..and then crapped out I got on these boards and spent huge number of hours researching and someone suggested DB Scan...tried it and it identified 30 records that were corrupt that prevented Hot Synch...deleted them and I was back being able to hot sync.

    Kept digging and someone suggested File Z...and found I could use it to look at the size of the records...and found that some of my file records for contacts were 23,000 KB...and that my total database of records (about 1300 entries) was taking up around 18 MEGABYTES of space for the Contacts DB.

    As I explored...I found that these large files (23,000KB type size) were corrupt. Not corrupt enough to prevent a hot sync, but corrupt enough to cause a long lag when opening/closing the entry on my treo. Ones that were smaller in size would open/close for editing immediately, but these huge ones would be slow to open/close or scan past.

    So I tried the approach of deleting the contacts DB file and doing a hot sync to let it re-build. No impact.

    So I tried using File Z to look deeper and found that these huge files were corrupt because they contained parts of multiple records. i.e. if I'm looking at a record for Bill Smith....then that record may also have the next record's details included (i.e. Bill Smith may contain Bill Smith as well as Bob Smith and even David Smith). In some cases there may have been 5 additional records contained in that one file.

    So - I tried just deleting that record from the handheld...and doing a hot sync where desktop overwrites handheld. Didn't fix that told me the Desktop and the Handheld records are corrupt. Note - When I look at the records on the treo or on the desktop they look signs of other data being included in those records (i.e. Bill Smith only shows Bill Smith data when looking at it visually...only detected using File Z).

    So I thought - what if I delete Bill Smith's record from the desktop and manually re-key it on the desktop...then do a hot sync with desktop ovewrites did that and IT WORKED. The file size instantly dropped from 23,000 KB to something like 80 KB.

    I tried it on a broader scale..and kept looking for commonalities. Found that every time I used this approach it reduced the size and fixed the corruption. Also when I did a normal hotsync it seemed to retain the records in tact (no corruption).

    So I went through all 1300 records and identified which ones were corrupt using file z and when I would encounter a large file (20,000 KB range) I would on the desktop identify that record and change it to UNFILED all my corrupt ones and only those would be in the Unfiled category. Then I printed out the Unfiled category and re-keyed them all by hand (ALL 300 +) of them. I did it a little at a time and got through the whole alphabet hitting the bigges files first..looking for anything 15,000 to higher. My total size of the Contacts DB went from around 18 Megabytes down to 1.3 Megabytes.

    (Note - Filez - Went to Internal/Contacts DB and EDIT t see the individual records...then view to see details of the record such as the name)

    I've done this over a period of Weeks.

    I've now started to fine tune...(look at records that are larger than 4,000 KB) and have found:
    If I enter a phone number or details from the Treo seems to bloat a file.

    If I copy data into an entry (copy/paste using desktop - i.e. from internet) seems to bloat that entry.

    I've noticed that sometimes common names tend to get co-mingled more readily than others. Examples:

    The way I've setup some business contacts is by putting the name of the business first in the last name category...followed by the last name of the person...the that person's first name in the first name category...see below:


    XYZCorpSmith Bill
    XYZCorpTurner Jim
    XYZCorpWilliams Sara

    So sometimes I'll notice that all of the XYC corp entries may get co-mingled....corrupted.

    I do it this way because I may deal with 30 people at an organization and can't remember their names, but this allows me to see them all and have their corresponding phone #s attached to their separate entries.

    ANYWAY - now I'm seeing some of those patterns and I've noticed 2-3 entries that I just corrected in the last few days that are now corrupted again and back up to 23,000 or so in size. ARRGGG

    I just can't seem to find a common reason or a surefire way to fix it. I wonder if this is what the Maintenance Release is going to address?

    So I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with PALM tonight (TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY USELESS). I asked them if this could be what Palm is going to fix with the 700P Maintenance Release...they have never heard of any maintenance release and said there is not one coming. I pointed out there are HUNDREDS of posts about it and that their Sr Managers have said there is one and yet they still don't know about any MR. USELESS.

    I'm able to hot sync...but know this is leading to another blow up, and know that DB Scan wil eventually be able to find/fix whatever is major that's wrong.

    I don't think it's related to 3rd party, but just in's what I'm using:

    Backup Man
    Documents To Go (Came loaded in ROM)
    Keyboard (Palm Universal prc)
    Kinoma version 4 something
    Launcher X
    Tom Tom Navigator
    Palm Internals
    PTunes (Came loaded in ROM)
    TreoMemo (haven't used but once since I got it months ago)
    Volume Care

    I can't see how any of these could impact contacts, and I have been VERY VERY Careful to only get programs that are widely touted as stable.

    The main reason I want to get this resolved is to have a totally stable phone, but beyond that I want to begin using some other programs. Am considering the following:
    ChatterMail (Had problems with it once before, but from all I read it is the
    best one out there) Currently using Verizon's wireless sync
    only for e-mail.

    I just don't want to start loading any other programs until I am sure the device is stable.

    It's never been dropped and generally functions well except as noted above.

    IS THERE ANYONE OUT THERE I CAN PAY TO HELP ME RESOLVE THESE ISSUES? If someone would get into this line of work they could make a fortune. Also is there somewhere I can learn how to fix it myself? Where do all you guys who make hacks etc learn this stuff?

    Sorry for the length of this post, but just though it would help to give the history.
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    Well my link is apparently do I insert a link in here? I just did a copy/paste...and that didn't work.
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    OK, i have had a contacts_db go bad on me... I used dbcache, and everything i can think of -to no luck.

    This was what I did to fix the problem.

    --I have a few treos lying around, so I went ahead and IR BEAMED the ALL category of the contacts to ANOTHER treo. -deleted my contacts_db on my corrupted 700P, and rebeamed from the other treo back.

    woala, everything was fixed..and even synced back to my outlook desktop.

    ***this should be a sticky, as no other solution worked for me***

    --I should also mentioned that I IR beamed from my 700P to an old 650, and the contacts_db are interchangable.
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    Would this IR Beam work between a T3 (have one) and my Treo 700P or would that further scramble data?
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    If you are having contact corruption then it is best to get a program called:

    dbScan from

    It is a free program and works flawlessly to correct such errors. I have never seen it fail for such Contact corruption. I use it about once a month to keep things tidy. A few weeks ago I had the same issue with my contacts and it was fixed immediately by the above.


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    dbscan is great, but does not (for me anyway) clean up the contacts corruption that was caused by earlier versions of Directory Assistant (also great app). I had to identify corrupt records and delete manually (filez).
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNTreoUser View Post
    Would this IR Beam work between a T3 (have one) and my Treo 700P or would that further scramble data?
    It wouldn't further scramble data, it should remove the corrupt BLObs, but since the T3 uses an older version of the Contacts app, you'd lose your photos and anniversaries.

    The same effect occurs with exporting your contacts from the desktop to a CSV file, then re-importing and syncing desktop overwrites handheld: it gets rid of the corruption, but you lose some of the new data (photos, anniversaries, etc).

    This corruption in the BLOB section of the new Contacts and Calendar apps causes all sorts of problems, and is the result of the sloppy programming in several popular apps. CESD, the developer of dbScan (which you said you used in your opening post) will be coming out soon with a new app which focuses on deleting BLOB corruption in any of the new databases.
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    so should I just quit worrying about this blob stuff & see if the MR or this new DB Scan comes out & fixes?

    also- would it be safe to move ahead with imstalling other apps SLOWLY? Or should I wait until after MR?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNTreoUser View Post
    so should I just quit worrying about this blob stuff & see if the MR or this new DB Scan comes out & fixes?
    The MR's not going to fix your contacts. CESD's new utility will, beaming to and back will, exporting and importing will.
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    can you give me details on how to do this? tried & must have done it wrong.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TNTreoUser View Post
    can you give me details on how to do this? tried & must have done it wrong.
    It's a pretty straightfoward process...what are you having a problem with?
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