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    I'm thinking about buying a Treo 680 and I'm wondering if there are any other phones on the market now (or rumored to be coming to market within the next six months) that I should be considering alongside the 680. My requirements are that I need a PalmOS phone that will run on a GSM network. As far as I can tell, the Treo 680 is the only phone that meets those requirements but I wanted to doublecheck with all of you before I actually purchase one.

    Many thanks in advance for any advice.

    Abe Z.
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    There's another thread on this somewhere here, just not in the 680 forum. But basically your only choice is to import from GroupSense Limited (you'd have to google them as I dont know the addy off hand). They are the only ones, and their phones are not totally compatable with USA networks. They aren't bad, and most definitely some different designs, but not as polished as the Treo from the software side of things. You would also be purchasing these outside of a carrier as the USA carriers only do Treos.
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    If you check on Palm's website, you can see what manufactures license Palm's OS. I would say that almost any company that makes a triband or quadband phone will work on US networks. It needs to support GPRS class 10/12 and GSM 1900mhz and perhaps (if you are on Cingulaire...) 850mhz. You'll have to program the data settings for your network and perhaps tweak them a bit, but that's pretty easy.

    Honestly, I don't think there is much out there right now because people have been buying Windows Mobile devices. That said, I still think Palm OS makes a great phone platform because of its simplicity.
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    The unlocked Treo 650 is GSM. Sells for $275 at Pretty good deal in my opinion.

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