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    I posted this under the 750 forum, but didn't get much of a response. After doing some research, it seems that there is much more software available for Windows Mobile. Is this true and is the palm version that much better. Thx

    >> Hopefully, your responses will help shed some light. I have a few days to decide between the 700wx and the new 755p. Through our company pricing, money is not issue, since they are priced the same. Although, our Sprint deal is much better than Cingular. According to our Palm sales rep, a new device will be developed for windows to support the 320x320 screen. So I'm assuming this will be a 755w, etc. I would rather not get a 750, just to do a WM6 upgrade and still be stuck with the same 240x240 resolution. The good thing is that I can upgrade after 12 months, which may be the time frame for another windows Treo device. So I could use the 755p for now and then upgrade to a newer windows/linux version in 12 months. I do like the window mobile features, like multi-tasking, user interface, etc. But after using a Blackberry for the last couple of years, the phone and email features are the priority and perhaps web browsing. Thanks in advance.
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    Palm has a larger software base than Windows Mobile, and I find that Windows Mobile is just... ugh.

    Moving from the Q back to a Treo 755p has been amazing. I've used iPaqs and Palms over the years. Palm has always struck me as being faster, easier to use, and more productive.

    The "multi-tasking" of WinMo (on the Q, anyway) was more of a turn-off to me than it was a benefit. I got tired of having a bunch of apps running in the background draining my resources and making the machine sluggish only to have to go into Task Manager to kill everything every fifteen minutes. Not to mention PDANet would randomly come to the front of the screen and wouldn't go away until I went back to the home screen.

    I'd take Palm anyday.

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