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    Please! take a look at Chapuras KeySuite which I think has many killer features Good should incorporate.
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    is there a requests thread someplace?

    My wish-list:
    *for public folder copies to contacts to happen on the server so I get all the info (like categories).
    *Ability to see categories of the public contacts would be nice.
    *Of course outbound attachments which seems to be in the works.
    *Good calls new calender entries appointments but then gives you a meeting setup dialog- I'd like the ability to also do an outlook appointment- i think those track that you met with the person without sending them in invite.
    *Also would be nice to hook in to the outlook journal to record phone calls, etc.
    *spellcheck- or at least stop blocking everything else- I love quickspell quickcheck but good breaks them (treo 700p)
    *the Palm notification bell shows up but you cant click it- can we get that to work?

    give me time I'll add more - I've only had it ta few days- LOL

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