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    Yeah, Space Trader is way cool! Check out the official site (and bug him to make a new version:-)
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    Originally posted by Arker
    Damn! I thought we were on to something here... 'Invisible' is neither freeware nor does it work on Visors (other than the Prism apparently). I've been looking for an app like that. I guess I'll keep looking!

    This post reminded me about a story I heard on the radio today.

    Seems that the HOT new toy in England today is Invisible Joe! He's an "Action Figure" who is (you guessed it!) totally INVISIBLE!!

    You purchase an "Action Joe" box... with nothing inside. I SWEAR I heard this on the radio in Los Angeles....

    Supposedly, they are on the second run of production, because they can't keep them on the shelves......
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    is this TRUE!?! that story just cracked me up. thanks for the laugh!!
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    Invisa Figure by QoF
    On Wednesday, May 30, 2001

    A toy company in England is cashing in on kids imagination. A new toy called invisible joe is testing the limits of what is a toy and what is a waste. This action figure is one of the most realistic E-Hype have ever seen. Why, because it is an empty box, no figure just a box. The box has things like As not seen on TV, and A kung-fu grip would be nice. The toy is not breaking any laws because you can see that it has nothing inside to the "Elders" but invisible joe to the kids. The toy sells for 3$ and will be making it's way to the USA soon.

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    Im very excited about this. i have my invisable 3.00 already put aside for this great toy when it comes out.
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    Hey that's great. Disney now has a new character for Toy Story 3!

    But Seriously...I'm going to buy one and put it aside so that Invisible Joe will be in mint condition!! I'm sure I'll get a lot for him, then, in 20 years.

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    I wonder if they will pull the stunts like the Star Wars figures and have invisable variations. Like the invisable scar on the right arm instead of the left. I might have to buy a couple just in case.
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