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    I'm new to this site and postings in general, so I apologize if this has been answered already (just can't seem to find any info on it).

    Is there anywhere, this site or on Palm's site, that will tell me EXACTLY what each application is and what is it used for? I have 8.9M of 22.4M free space and wanted to clear up some large applications. I'm using a Treo 650.

    I'm not sure what can be moved to expansion card, deleted or what. I know that the "locked" apps cannot be deleted. I just don't know what everything is...

    ...etc. I obviously have not listed all, but would like to understand what each application is and it's use.

    Thanks in advance,
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    Anything with "Lib" or "Library" in the name is a support file for some other application you have installed. Graffiti2Library is for handwriting recognition. H263Lib is for a media player. NetFrontLib is for the web browser.
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    Thanks Starman. I wonder why I have graffiti since the Treo 650 does not use it. I should mention that I used to have a Tungsten E and did a sync with the old s/w (in error) when I got the 650.

    Could some old apps transferred over?

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