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    Since my days of using a Visor Prism, a Tungsten C, and a Treo 650, I have had an app I can't get rid of. It stays and goes to each new device.
    It won't let me delete it on the device and I can't find it on my computer to delete it.
    It is the old Targus Stowaway Keyboard for Handspring Visor v 1.0.
    I just got a 700p and haven't installed the new desktop software or synched (obviously).
    Does anyone know how to get rid of this old app so I don't put it on my 700p?
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    rename your backup folder on your pc.
    when you sync, it will create a new backup location for files.
    also try the program destaller, or filez to remove the app from your pda.
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    Warm reset, delete app thru Menu, Soft reset.
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    I found another thread on this topic (duh, should have searched), and found it in backup and deleted.
    My new 700p is Keyboard free.
    Thanks for the help.

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