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    How can I tell what is using the data connection on my 700p? At least I assume that is what is happening when the orange light comes on for awhile.

    This had been happening consistently throughout the day even before I installed Chatter...which I understand probably would cause this.

    I am just concerned something is using it behind the scenes that I don't want and slowing down my 700p. And don't get me started about noon on a full charge I am under 50% with barely even using the thing!

    Surely there is something that keeps a log of data or tells you what is going on.

    I keep looking at my apps I have installed but don't think any of them are doing it.

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    Could it be that the Treo is dropping signal? When the red light comes on, how many bars do you have?
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    Voice recording software also turns the light orange while its recording.
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    Something is also using my data connection, but I have no idea what. I don't see the light come on. When using PDANet to use the 700P as a modem with a laptop, the internet connection works, but I keep getting a message on the treo saying that the dialup connection is active.

    The support at PDANet says something is trying to access the connection. I turned off Chatter's syncing and just can't find anything else that would be trying to use the connection every few seconds.

    Thoughts anyone?
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    Palm is spying on you..
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    I have CallRec but am not recording when the light comes on. The Treo can just be sitting there on the desk and poof, the light goes Orange. I will have to look at the signal on the phone to see if that is it, but normally I have ... hey wait a minute, I only see 2 bars. Hmmmmm, my old phone always had 4 bars! Grrrrr.

    But even at 2 bars I wouldn't think that is it, and it happens all the time (work, home, car, etc.), but I will keep an eye on it.

    Still surprised there is no utility that monitors something like that. :-(
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    Get Palm Internals (a free app) and see what is listed as requiring a notification from the device.
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    Well, I had been meaning to try out Palm Internals so gave that a shot, though don't know how to read all those notifications. I did look at the hede section everyone says to special attention to. Butler and Initiate were there but turning them off didn't make much difference. So was Hi-Launcher (where you hold a button down and a pop-up menu appears with your predefined stuff (apps, time, batter, etc.)). Turning it off didn't save much (2 seconds) but that was enough to try leaving it off.

    Now my batter actually doesn't decrease by 15% per hour like before, and the Treo seems snappier going between applications. I am sure Hi-Launcher probably works fine on others, but I have decided I don't need it with whatever conflict it has going on on my Treo! Though do miss that pop up application list when I depress a button.

    And I still get odd data connections, but they seem to be less frequent these days.

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