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    Has anyone found a mp3 ringtone program that works on the 755p?
    I installed Ringo yesterday, but it was messing up my caller ID, so I uninstalled.

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    How about MiniTones?
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    I'm curious to know if Mring works.
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    You'd think that Mini tones should work.
    I'm hoping it does.
    Since everything is the same in the 755p basically,
    it should work.
    Sure, theres a few fixes,
    but eh, don't see why not.

    I hope it works when I get my 755p.
    It's so easy to make ringtones.

    I use Cool Edit Pro.
    Open a file.
    Select what section I want,
    down to the millisecond,
    save it to my desktop,
    slap it on my SD card,
    load it in Mini Tones, and BAM!
    New ringtone. =]

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    From what I understand, part of the beauty of minitones is that you can do the editing on the phone. But yeah... I can see using Cool Edit making it so you don't have to waste space on your card with whole files.

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