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    OK, I know there are solutions to synch Treo to Outlook and exchange, but that isn't what I want (more software on the Treo).

    All I want is something on the PC that takes my Outlook Calendar and puts the meetings/appointments/etc. onto the Palm Desktop calendar, preferably in a category. That is it, no two way synch. I only want to READ my Outlook calendar on my Treo, not write to it...and do not want additional software on the Treo.

    But searching google and here there doesn't seem to be an easy or near automatic way.
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    I would love to know about this too. There used to be a s/w called Desktop to Go which allowed one to achieve this in some fashion (it would sync with Outlook and then give you an option to "COPY" outlook calendar to Palm Desktop). It seems to be no longer available - and the old version does not work with the current versions of Hotsync. Don't know if there is some way this can be made to work
    Satish Joshi
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    Well, a brighthand post revealed something I need to look into, DoubleLook 2 from as it doesn't flaunt it, it does list palm desktop.

    The other was CalendarMirror, but on their website they say:

    "Currently, CalendarMirror for Outlook does NOT support the Palm Desktop 4.1.2 which comes from Tungsten E/T3, because the format of its database file is different with the common Palm Desktop."

    which makes me wonder if they support treos, even though the store on pic says it does:

    Rats, off work tomorrow so can't test em out right away. Wait, did I just complain about being off work??????
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    I tried both - doublelook and calendarmirror (actually I tried the bigger product - desktopmirror that is supposed to allow syncing of everything elese too). Neither of them work - perhaps for different reason. Desktopmirror can't read my Palm calendar database (it says invalid calendar file or some error message to that effect) - although it seems to work for contacts, todos and memos. Doublelook gave no error but doesn't seem to do anything either. I changed something in the Palm desktop - nothing changed in outlook. I then tried to get into its settings to see if the correct outlook folders are set up. When I click on the Outlook Folders Tab in the settings box - it just hangs with a message "Loading Outlook folders". I suspect the Desktopmirror does not support my Palm desktop version (4.1.4 I think) and Doublelook doesn't support my Outlook version ( 2007). Oh, well perils of upgrading before the supporting tools are ready with their upgrades! So it is back to Palm supplied Outlook conduits and manual switching back and forth between Palm conduits and Outlook conduits.
    Satish Joshi
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    I didn't have much luck with either myself. Doublelook doesn't seem to support calendar in Palm Desktop but seems to work with contacts...which I don't need.

    CalendarMirror does do something at least. It opens (VERY slowly as it reads the databases I presume) and allows me to transfer my Outlook meetings to Palm Desktop.....but only meetings. It doesn't do appointments. And is slow. Uggggh.

    Something better than nothing or something makes me miss something else (an appointment). *sigh* I think back to the drawing board, but not coming up with anything else.

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