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    I have a Sprint 700P. Sync wirelessly through Exhcange Server. Everything worked like a dream. Then, our office changed the name of the server. I changed according to instructions and email sync worked, but not calendar and contacts. I got Airsamstatemachine 1913 3 error. I tried turning off SSL and turning on Proxy server, and nothing worked. Changed back, and email worked again, calendar and contacts did not, but now the error is 530 3. What is strange is that other Sprint 650 users, and other carrier users with 700P all work fine. ANy thoughts? Palm support said i have bad items in my inbox. I deleted all my inbox with no change. Then they said i had bad calendar items. Tried the same with no changes. Sprint - I can't even comment on the support - I think that company is going down the tubes if they can't hire someone who can answer a question.
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    You have to add another parentheses for that link to work. The forum must have cut off the last character.

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