I run battery.prc to keep track of battery life and performance. However, there is zero documentation out there on it's quirks and foibles.

What does anyone get as an estimated charge? Mine is usually around 1225 mAh.

However, sometimes it changes itself to 1188 mAh. Then I get very false readings on battery percent remaining. It is measuring charge vs estimated and giving a percent. If the estimated is too low, the percent is wrong.

It is also the reason the gauge shows 99.99% charged when it is not. The charge might be 1190 mAh but the estimated is 1188 so the reading is wrong.

I have heard some people are above the 1300 mAh estimated charge.

On the 'calbration' pull down menu, there is a setting for 'disable voltage based recalib'. I leave this checked.

What are others estimated charge values?